Modi used digital camera and email in 80s: ‘Joke is on India’s educated class, who’ve made idiocy fashionable’


This election has seen Prime Minister Narendra Modi repeatedly cause embarrassment for himself and his party, the BJP. He was either seen stooping to new lows with his comments, perceived to be in poor taste, or making extraordinary claims that appeared to be far from the truth.
Digital camera

The prime minister became a topic of widespread ridicule after he claimed that he had ordered the air strikes inside Pakistan in February this year despite cloudy and rainy weather condition because, in his ‘raw vision,’ he felt that this could help Indian fighter jets dodge the Pakistani radar system. Modi had made this extraordinary claim during an interview to a TV channel. However, what went unnoticed was his other outrageous claim that he used a digital camera and email in 1987 to send a photo to his mentor LK Advani in a timeliness manner.

Modi said that it was around 1987-88 when he used a digital camera for the first time. He said, “Very few people use to have email at the time. There was an Advani rally in my tehseel. At that time I took a photo using a digital camera. That time the digital camera used to be this big (uses his hands). I had a digital camera. I took a photo of Advani and transmitted it to Delhi (using email). A colour photo appeared in the newspaper the next day. Advani ji was surprised and said how did my colour photo appear today?”

Many were quick to remind Modi that it wasn’t until the mid 90s when the email came to India. One user mocked Modi by saying that the prime minister used email service to send a photo eight years before it came to India and he used a ‘digital camera 7 years before it came to India.’

This is how Twitterati reacted with many claiming that the joke was on India’s elite, who had elected such a person as their prime minister.

India is going through its parliamentary polls in seven phases with the last phase scheduled for 19 May. The counting will take place on 23 May.


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