PM Modi faces social media ridicule for his extraordinary cloud science on Balakot air strikes, embarrassed BJP deletes tweets


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday faced incessant trolling for inventing an extraordinary cloud science and how he used that theory to order the air strikes in Balakot in February this year.

cloud science

Speaking to a TV channel, Modi said that experts were in two minds on whether India should go ahead with its plans to carry out air strikes in Pakistan’s Balakot to avenge the Pulwama terror attack. He said, “You may remember that the weather was not good that day. It was raining heavily. Some experts said that we should change the date of our air strikes. I’m not an expert or scientist. But I said that there are so many clouds and it’s also raining. We have an advantage here that we can dodge the (Pakistani) radar. In my raw vision I felt if the clouds could help hide the jets from radar. Everyone was confused, but ultimately I said ‘it’s cloudy, go (and attack).'”

Modi’s comments advocating a revolutionary scientific theory were prominently tweeted from both official Twitter handles of the BJP and BJP Gujarat. However, the party deleted both the tweets in the face of widespread public ridicule.

Here’s how Twitterati reacted to Modi’s comments made during his interview with News Nation TV channel.

Former Indian Air Force officer Khalid Ehsan said that cloudy weather had no relevance to modern Radar Detection ability. He told Janta Ka Reporter, “Cloudy condition could actually be detrimental to our ability to hit the target. “If the attack was to be Beyond Visual Range weapons like GPS guided weapons then the attack in cloudy weather or clear skies have no meaning,” he added.

Modi has been using the Balakot air strikes during most of his TV interviews and election speeches. However, the Indian Air Force has failed to produce conclusive evidence to support the Indian government’s claims that it killed hundreds of terrorists at the Jaish camp in Balakot.


  1. Ashamed to have a PM like him who does not know even how RADAR works. That’s why education is important. Chaiwala toh chaiwala he rahega wosay kiya RADAR ki knowledge. If this is the case of jets being stealth in heavy clouds then it’s an very serious matter to think how satellites work in heavy rains.

  2. Good that this loudmouth himself is telling us what an illiterate fool he is. People can judge for themselves how safe and secure our country is in his hands.

  3. OMG ! Chowkidar himself confessing on TV and exhibiting what a *’Sheikh Chilli’* he is.
    No wonder Maximum Attacks have occured in the past 5 years BECAUSE our Chowkidar is showing on TV how he is really TOTAL Nikamma.
    *Ab ki bar, nahi chahiye Nikamma CHOWKIDAR*


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