Modi faces flak from ally JDU on Pakistan lies, Left calls it ‘worrisome’ in democracy


After Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Former Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor exposed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s lies on Pakistan, the Left and JD(U) called the development “worrisome and not proper” in a democracy. The JDU incidentally is Modi’s partner in Bihar.

Pakistan lies

Both parties said that the prime minister should take action based on evidence if there was any “seriousness” in his allegations, and not raise the same in Gujarat poll campaign, reported PTI.

“He is dragging Pakistan into a domestic poll…if he is serious, he should have taken up the issue with the Congress.  As the head of the government, he could have taken appropriate action. Instead of that, he is making it a poll issue. I think it is not proper in democracy,” senior CPI leader D Raja said.

JD(U) leader Pavan Varma said that Modi should be talking about governance in Gujarat than such issues.

“But instead, he starts talking about Pakistan interfering in Gujarat. (What he said) has to be based more on evidence than what (Congress leader) Mani Shankar Aiyar had said,” he said.

Addressing an election rally in Palanpur in Gujarat on Sunday, Modi had said that Pakistan was trying to influence the assembly polls in the state. He had also sensationally alleged that some Pakistani officials and Manmohan Singh had met at Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar’s house on 6 December to discuss the matter.

General Kapoor, who too was the part of the meeting at Aiyar’s house along with several former Indian diplomats, had exposed Modi’s lies by clarifying that they had not discussed Gujarat elections at all.

An angry Singh too had issued a long statement accusing Modi of denigrating the post of prime minister while asking him to apologise to the nation. Modi was also widely condemned on social media, where journalists and members of civil society called him a habitual liar.


  1. Even the ally JD(U) has realised the empty rhetoric and has come out with protest. This should make the right wing party to review its tactic of spreading false information to retain power in elections


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