Former Indian army chief exposes PM Modi’s ‘lies’ in Gujarat election rally


Former Army Chief General (retired) Deepak Kapoor has exposed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘lies’ during an election rally in Gujarat.

Former Army Chief

Modi, in an election rally last week had sensationally alleged that Pakistan was interfering with Gujarat elections. To support his arguments, he had said that few Congress leaders had held a meeting in Delhi with the Pakistani officials to work out a strategy to ensure BJP’s defeat in Gujarat.

The meeting indeed took place at the suspended Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar’s house. But those who attended the meeting included Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Former army chief, Gen Deepak Kapoor and former Pakistani foreign minister, Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri.

Also present were former foreign minister K Natwar Singh, and former diplomats Salman Haidar, TCA Raghavan, Sharat Sabharwal, K Shankar Bajpai and Chinmaya Gharekhan, among others. Bajpai, Raghavan and Sabharwal had served as Indian High Commissioners to Pakistan.

Confirming that that he was part of the meeting at Aiyar’s residence, General Kapoor told Indian Express, “Yes, I was part of the meeting and we discussed nothing more than India-Pakistan relations.”

Kapoor was the 23rd Chief of Army Staff and retired in March 2010.

Another close aide to Aiyar said that Kasuri and Aiyar had been friends have met on several occasions in the past.

Modi last week had alleged, “There were media reports yesterday about a meeting at Mani Shankar Aiyar’s house. It was attended by Pakistan’s high commissioner, Pakistan’s former foreign minister, India’s former vice president and former prime minister Manmohan Singh,” Modi was quoted by PTI.

Modi is visibly very nervous on the prospects of losing Gujarat, a state he governed as chief minister for 12 years. Analysts believe that Modi’s decision to take the political discourse to a new low even at the cost of causing disrepute to the post of prime minister is designed to polarise the voters along the religious lines.

Modi has twice violated the model code of conduct with the Election Commission unable to take any action against him. Modi’s confidence emanates from the fact that the current Chief Election Commissioner Achal Kumar Joti once served as a senior civil servant in his government in Gujarat.


  1. Modi and RSS are compulsive liars and work for big capitalists and financiers and foreign capital, including even Pakistan and China!

  2. I being a common man like 99 Percent Indians, I (we)had a great expectations from you Sir, but as things turned out(except OROP, for which all of us are grateful)… gives an impression that India (Bharat) is turning out to be Hitler’s Germany and Mussolini’s Italy. HON’BLE PM Sir(Ji), most of the things are done on UR name for which UR not directly involved but made responsible. However, it is very ….. To say that PAKISTAN is interfering in Gujarat Elections. Hon’ble PM Sir, i’m a common citizen and expressed my feelings.No offence meant to anybody.

  3. Unmindful of the fact whether the allegations are correct or not,it does not behove former defence chiefs to involve themselves in politics.
    They should just stay away.
    Let politicians respond to politicians!

    • He was dragged into this. Wouldn’t you retort if a meeting attended by you was falsely alleged to be an anti national one?


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