Manish Sisodia hits out PM Modi, asked, “Which patriotism are you showing by creating obstacles in the education of Delhi’s children?”


Delhi’s education minister Manish Sisodia has hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi on removal of his adviser, Atishi Marlena from her post. Atishi Marlena was serving as the adviser to the Education Minister in the Delhi Government.

It is worth mentioning that on Tuesday, after the order of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Atishi Marlena was removed from the advisory post of Delhi Government. In an open letter to PM Modi, he had said, “By removing Atishi Marlena, you have hurt the future of Delhi’s children.”

In his letter, where on one side Sisodia praised his government’s work on education, he also accused the central government of creating obstacles against the education department.

Sisodia asked, “What would you get from Atishi’s removal… It is possible that you may have political differences with us, but it should not affect the children of Delhi. He lauded his government and said that we have been working in the capital for the past three years and spent 25 percent of our budget on education. All this had been possible only by the hard work of Atishi Marlena.”

Sisodia tweeted, “Prime Minister! What do you want to achieve by the shocking removal of education minister’s advisor Atishi Marlena? Which patriotism do you want to show by creating obstacles in the education of Delhi’s children?”

In another tweet, he said, “Prime Minister! You meditate. When you sit for meditation this time, do reflect on this question of the children of Delhi- If you can not give us something in education, at least don’t stop what is happening for us.”

He also wrote, “Prime Minister! If you have doubts about my point of view, then come with me to see the government schools in Delhi and see how happy children are when their schools are built.”

Sisodia further wrote, “Prime Minister! I am the education minister of a half state, yet we have created 8000 excellent new classrooms in Delhi and started 14 new colleges. Your greatness would have been cemented if you would’ve created 2 lakh new classrooms and opened 14000 new colleges across the country.”


  1. It’s the difference between vintage politicians and revolutionary leaders. The traditional politicians have no real vision except to rule and control. It’s time to get right thinking people from across political parties to come together to form National Government.

  2. Hi Sisodia, would be great if you can prove your statement about accusing PM of creating OBSTACLES in Delhi education system. If you can’t, step down from your chair immediately. Of course, we don’t need another Kejriwal.
    Will you????


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