Justice Katju rips apart Indian govt’s stand on secularism at UNHRC


Former Supreme Court judge, Justice Markandey Katju, has ripped apart the stand taken by the Indian government at the United Nations Human Rights Council that India was a secular country with no state religion.

justice katju secularism

Taking to Facebook, Justice Katju, a proponent of communal harmony, wrote, “At the U.N. Human Rights Council India claimed it was a secular state with no state religion, and no discrimination on the basis of religion, etc.

“That should also be told to the relatives of Ikhlaque, Pehlu Khan, and a host of others, including the Muslims attacked in Muzaffarnagar, Ballabhgarh, etc and the victims of ‘gau rakshaks’, as well as the Christians of Delhi whose churches were vandalized, and who were attacked in Odisha, etc. It should also be told to Muslims who are denied jobs, houses on rent, etc only because they are Muslims.”

Justice Katju concluded that it’s ‘not what is written in the Constitution which matters, it is what is practised in society which is relevant.’

Speaking at the 27th session of the Universal Periodic Review Working Group at the UNHCR here, Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi said that the Indian Constitution enshrined various provisions for the protection of the rights and interest of the minorities.

His comments came in sharp contrast with the repeated rhetoric of the ruling BJP leaders that India was a Hindu nation and views of the majority ought to have prevailed. This stand has led to giving legitimacy of series of murders of innocent Muslims by Hindutva terrorists posing themselves as cow protectors.

Rohatgi, who led the Indian delegation at the UN Human Rights Council, said India maked no distinction between caste, creed, colour or religion of a citizen.

“India is a secular state with no state religion,” he said, adding that the Indian constitution guarantees freedom of religion to every individual.

He said the right to free speech and expression occupies its rightful place in the core of the Indian Constitution.



  1. Totally agree with Mr.Katju on his comment that India is secular only on ‘paper’. In practice we are the exact opposite of all that stands for secular. We have been racists and will remain racists based on false perceptions of Color , caste and creed as long as we don’t evolve. Our official inaugurations start with a Bhumi puja as a mark of respect to the sentiments of majority. And our triumphalist friends cry hoarse of minority appeasement. Religion and governance are so mixed up now that the cocktail of tragedy is virtually inseperable. We showcase our tolerant ethos only to take an intolerant view of anything and everything perceived as alien be it fellow being’s ‘otherness’ of religion or culture or eating habits and pretty much anything else.

    • Well said! Mere blurting out ‘ secularism ‘ in international forums cannot hide reality. The opinion of katju is reflection of modern fascism on the prowl

  2. I am sure most sensible people in this country will agree with the views expressed by the honourable former Supreme Court Judge. It is unfortunate that in spite of clearly defining India as a secular nation in its constitution, certain political parties and their supporters are unabashedly using religious symbols and beliefs for narrow political gains. India is witnessing worst type of religious fanaticism. What is more regrettable is the communal forces have got ascendency in the country and even people are afraid of expressing their opinion freely for fear of reprisal. It is an unfortunate development.

    • Yes. Katju should settle in Kashmir, from where his forefather came and put his money where his mouth is. Kashmiri Pandits are like Kealites who had to be save by Gorkha troops during Mopla uprising and Bengalis who voted with their feet in Noakhali and still not stop lecturing about secularism. Muslims are definitely better than secularists Hindus, as they neither run away nor preach.

  3. Dont firget, When came to power, they tried to remove the word ‘secular’ from the preamble of the constitution.


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