JSPL makes elaborative preparation to contain COVID-19 at its Angul Steel Plant


Naveen Jindal-led Jindal Steel & Power Ltd (JSPL), has made elaborate arrangements for its employees globally towards the prevention of Coronavirus, including at its Angul based steel making facility. While most of the employees have been advised to work from home, company has been issuing regular communique to its employees to make them aware of the importance of personal hygiene and self-care. The team of medicos dedicated to each unit is supervising the care of the people employed in the unit.


Naveen Jindal, Chairman JSPL, has given utmost importance to the good health and well-being of the people living within the company townships and in the local community. The company said that Jindal has been particularly concerned about the health of his colleagues and their families including all those living in the Angul District given the spread of the deadly virus. Jindal has advised his leadership team to ensure that ‘no stone is left unturned while taking care of people, especially elders and children.’

The JSPL has always encouraged the local communities and has been working with  SHG women from the villages nearby to create handmade goods using the locally available raw-material. And with the spread of coronavirus, it has now helped them develop masks that are now being produced by the same group of women from the local villages. Everyday 2000 masks are being made for the use of employees and families of its employees. As of now, more than 65,000 UV-treated, fully sterilised masks have been made and provided to company’s workforce, local community and other stakeholders.

The company said, “The JSPL has also constituted a Crisis Management Group at its headquarters and across all its facilities. Angul CMG team is in continuous touch with the District Administrations and the Government Healthcare Officers and seeking their regular guidance to overcome the challenges being posed by the coronavirus.”

The JSPL has ensured strict adherence to all rules and advisories of the Indian government and the government of Odisha. People are not allowed to congregate under any circumstances and movement of people living at its townships has been strictly monitored. The steel giant has also ensured that essential items were available within the township and it has advised its residents to maintain a two-meter distance between each other while buying essential day to day items including medicines.

The CSR team of the company headed by Shallu Jindal, Chairperson of JSPL Foundation, is working closely with the local community to sensitise them through pamphlets, posters and mobile messaging to ensure social distancing, hand washing and taking personal hygiene measures seriously as per the guidelines issued by the government of India.


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