First sentencing in lynching by Hindutva terrorists posing as cow vigilantes, killers of Alimuddin get life in jail


In a landmark judgement, a court in Jharkhand on Wednesday sentenced 11 convicted Hindutva terrorists to life in jail for killing Alimuddin Ansari in the name of cow.

The fast-track court in Jharkhand’s Ramgarh had convicted 11 of the 12 accused few days ago. Among those given life sentence also includes a district BJP leader and at least three members of the local “gau raksha samiti,” reported Indian Express.

The 12th member of the gang is a 16-year-old boy. However, the prosecution is pressing for his trial as an adult under the amendments in the CrPC. The Jharkhand’s BJP government had referred the case to a fast-track court, where Additional Judge-II, Om Prakash conducted the hearings almost on a daily basis.

Reacting to the development, Ansari’s family expressed their satisfaction and asked for the compensation since the deceased was the only bread-winner of the family. The court has directed the district administration to award an adequate compensation to the family.

Ansari was lynched to death in Jharkhand’s Ramgarh district on rumours that he was carrying the ‘banned meat’ on 29 June last year. The incident had occurred on the day Prime Minister Narendra Modi broke his silence to condemn attacks on innocent citizens by so-called cow protectors.




  1. The verdict is commendable and a a rare positive one indicting ruling party members and vigilantes. Though there chances of appeals to higher courts, the order stands out as a remarkable sentence

  2. Look at those 12 Rogues feeling like great bravery Lynching a single Barehanded person by 12 unaques (Hijde). They are not at all sons of a single father.

  3. Its for the JANTA KA REPORTER……
    Thnku for calling my religion a terrorist….
    We rank 3rd through out this globe where we were killed in bomb attacks,through shooting… so called JIHADIS…bt they were not MUSLIM TERRORIST…..
    But we are so called HINDUTVA TERRORISTS……because a hindu killed a muslim…..if so then yes….we are fine to be terrorists…..
    But ask urself….what it makes uh ..???

    • No sir, we have used term ‘Hindutva’ which not Hindusim. Hindusim is a religion, while Hindutva is a political movement hijacked by likes of Sangh Parivar. We will never cast aspersion on any religion. Hope it clarifies.


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