We don’t want Republic TV here. They have a hand in covering up the assassination of Gauri Lankesh

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Thousands of journalists and members of civil society gathered across the country to stage protests over the gruesome murder of senior journalist, Gauri Lankesh, in Bangalore on Wednesday night.

In Delhi, journalists and other prominent citizens gathered at the Press Club, where they expressed their anger and agony over what they termed was a blatant attack on the democracy of India.

However, a video of Republic TV being booted out of protest venue has gone viral now. In the video, former JNU students’ union leader, Shehla Rashid, is seen lashing out at the channel’s representative, who tries to elicit a response from her.

An angry Rashid erupts in anger when the channel’s representative attempts to record her speech supposedly for broadcast purposes. This prompts Rashid to stop her speech and tell the channel’s representative that she does not want Republic TV at the venue.

“You guys have been covering up the murder (Gauri Lankesh)… So get out. Please don’t put the mic in front me. We don’t want Republic TV here. They have a hand in covering up the assassination of Gauri Lankesh. These people only work at the order of a BJP MP, who funds the channel… Anyone, who’s celebrating this murder, we condemn in strongest possible words.”

She then also goes on to highlight how people followed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi had used expletives for Lankesh after her death while others indulged in celebrations.

Republic TV is mainly funded by Rajeev Chandrasekhar, an NDA MP, and Mohandas Pai, a known BJP supporter in Bangalore.

One user Nikhil Dadhich, had said, “One bitch dies a dog’s death and every puppy is crying in pain.”

This had caused widespread condemnation with people asking Modi to unfollow the vile individuals he keeps them in his company on Twitter. Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad was trolled by RSS supporters on Twitter after he unequivocally condemned those expressing happiness over Lankesh’s death.


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