Arnab Goswami throws journalism ethics out of window, calls Congress spokesperson ‘worm’


Arnab Goswami, who recently launched his Republic channel with the help of the NDA MP, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, and BJP supporter Mohandas Pai, on Monday called a Congress spokesperson, Brijesh Kalappa, a ‘worm’ and ‘lapdog’ of the Gandhi family.

Kalappa, a known Congress face on TV channels, was in the midst of a heated argument with the channel’s female anchor, who identified herself as Sheetal Rajput. Rajput was visibly angry because Kalappa had called her a BJP journalist.

She demanded an apology, but the Congress spokesperson remained steadfast and kept reiterating his stand about Rajput being a BJP sympathiser because of the ‘words used by her against him.’


    • Your view would have been valid if you had not condoned the gandhi subject matter and brajesh kalappa’s behavior.
      You are a joker and congi chamcha, Go and too Ashtanga Pranams in front of gandhis

  1. So what if you are a lawyer? You can do whatever you want and get off? It is ok for you to intimidate the journalists of the Republic calling them BJP agents, but, when you get back, you want to file a criminal case? ANy judge worth 2 cents will see right through your conversation and make out that you provoked first, instead of answering the question asked by the journalist.

    No matter if you are a lawyer or not, you crossed the line first and you can’t do jack$hit about it!

  2. And kalappa you are out of order by resorting to name calling…moreover your Congress was decimated in the elections dont you get it…we don’t want to hear you see you or have anything to do with you…you f*** off

    • Excuse me?!? Calling-out someone affiliated is “name-calling”?!? Give us a break! Yes, it sure h––l can be called a “personal-attack” but “name calling [sic]”. Then what the h––k do you to say about the term “h––k”, which grade of profanity it is?

      Also, please clarify whether you meant to say: “name calling is the epitome of [the term] racism”; or not??


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