Modi faces mass condemnation for stooping to new low by provoking Hindus


In a desperate bid to woo voters in Maharashtra, Narendra Modi stooped to a new low on Monday when he resorted to a blatant lie by seeking votes in the name of Hindu pride. Addressing a rally in Wardha in Maharashtra, Modi slammed the Congress for coining the word ‘Hindu terror’ and urged voters to teach the country’s oldest party a lesson.

Narendra Modi

He also accused Congress President Rahul Gandhi to choose Wayanad parliamentary seat because Hindus were in minority there. He said, “The Congress has attempted to defame Hindus. The’ve tried to show crores of Indians in poor light before the world. Can you forgive this Congress. The Congress has committed a grave sin.

“They can run in whichever direction, but the Congress can never exonerate itself from this sin. Even the Congress has realised that the country has decided to punish it. That’s why their leaders are leaving the battleground. That’s because Hindus have woken up. That’s why he (Rahul Gandhi) doesn’t have courage to fight from a seat (Amethi) where Hindus are in majority. That’s why he’s forced to seek refuge in a constituency (Wayanad), where the majority community is in minority.”

Modi’s blatant lie about the population of Hindus in Wayanad in Kerala comes just a day after an anchor working for Mukesh Ambani’s channel, News18 India, faced condemnation for starting the same lie on Twitter.

According to the 2011 census, the population of Wayanad stood at 8.17 lakhs. Of them, Hindus with 4.04 lakh formed nearly 50 percent of the total population in the district.

The Muslim population was 2.34 lakh, which constituted 28.65 percent of the total number of people living here. Christians were the third largest religious group with 1.74 lakh population, forming 21.34 percent of the total number of people residing in the district.

As expected Modi has been facing condemnation for his lies in a bid to polarise this year’s Lok Sabha polls. User Anup Ratan Singh on Facebook wrote, “ghatiya insaan (lowly man).” Gurmukh Singh Saini wrote, “Third class people always talk third class nonsense.” Facebook user Jay Joshi wrote, “Mani Shankar Aiyyaar still to be proved wrong.”

Modi is seeking a second term in office as prime minister in this year’s Lok Sabha polls. However, the growing anti-incumbency has left him rattled, forcing him to remove the much-touted imaginary mask of development and return to his communal agenda that paid him rich dividends during his time as Gujarat’s chief minister.


  1. Why so much upraor. Soopin low is indication of a healthy and flexible spine which is very useful while dealing with the President of China.


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