A message for PM Modi in new Amul ad after Rahul Gandhi’s impromptu hug


Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Friday night caused quite an embarrassment for Prime Minister Narendra Modi inside the parliament after he decided to hug the latter at the conclusion of his speech.

Rahul Gandhi

Surprised and taken aback by Rahul Gandhi’s move, no one in the treasury bench had a clue on how to respond to this gesture. While the immediate response from Modi was of annoyance, a seasoned politician in him quickly detected the cameras installed all across the parliament and decided to replace his frowning face with that of smiling expression.

And to further score a political point, he even called Rahul to his chair and patted on his back lovingly. While this happened, Modi’s colleagues including Home Minister Rajnath Singh and others (watch the video below) smiled and appreciated what looked like a refreshing moment inside an otherwise tense parliament.

Minutes later, after the house was adjourned and the BJP MPs including Modi had the opportunity to see the visuals on TV, they realised that Rahul had indeed stumped them and they immediately needed to control the damage. Soon, Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, a BJP MP, lectured Rahul stating how his decision to hug and wink at his party colleague was in contravention of parliamentary decorum. Even though, Mahajan was seen profusely giggling when Rahul went to hug the prime minister.

Modi too took a dig at Rahul during his reply on the no confidence motion making his disenchantment obvious. A day later, when he visited Uttar Pradesh, he repeated his displeasure on being hugged. (watch the video below)

Now Amul, the legendary dairy brand, has come out with a cartoon that has a hidden message for Modi. The caption of the ad reads, “Embracing ya embarrassing? Amul Hugs bread daily.’

One wonders if Amul, a company based in Gujarat, Modi’s home state, has tried to give a message to the prime minister through this ad.


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