British born Bihari boy makes Noida school proud, secures intl number 1 ranking in English Olympiad


British born Bihari boy has secured the top rank internationally in the just concluded International English Olympiad conducted in collaboration with the British Council.

7-year-old Kibriya Rifat Jawaid of Presidium School in Noida not only won the Gold Medal for his school and the state of Uttar Pradesh, but also went on to secure the number 1 rank internationally.

Kibriya, who was born in Birmingham in 2008, has already won two gold medals in Math and Science categories respectively.


As a 5-year-old boy, he won his first International Math Olympiad gold medal in 2014 before winning his second in International Science Olympiad in November last year.

But, unlike his previous international rankings, Kibriya achieved the top most honour in English claiming number 1 state, national and international rankings.

An elated Kibriya, also a space enthusiast, said, “I would have been happy even if my international ranking was within the first 1000. But I’m very happy I got the number 1 ranking.”

Kibriya was in the news in 2014 because of India’s Mars Orbiter’s twitter conversation with him on the comparison between the Earth and the Red planet.


Kibriya’s mother, Lubna Usman-Rifat-Jawaid, said she was elated and couldn’t believe the news but said she angry on how the school had ‘downplayed such an exceptional performance.’

“I’m not happy that the school slept over this news for a week and didn’t see it big enough to share with us or rest of the students. It seems they are not proud of this an extraordinary achievement. I’ve already started contacting other schools in the vicinity even though I know it’s slightly too late. But, I’m sure with Kibriya’s achievements, it shouldn’t be difficult getting him admitted into a school that promotes talents.”





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