BJP IT Cell secretary arrested for spreading fake news in Bengal


Police in Bengal have arrested a senior functionary of the BJP for spreading fake news related to communal violence in the state.


Tarun Sengupta, Secretary BJP IT Cell, Asansol, WB, was arrested today for spreading fake news and creating communal disharmony, tweeted the CID.

Sengupta had allegedly uploaded a video of an IPS officer mercilessly beating a man. He passed the video off as one having been shot during Hanuman Jayanti, celebrated this year in April.

This came just two days after Nupur Sharma, the saffron party’s national spokesperson was booked under non-bailable sections for posting a fake photo of Gujarat genocide passing it off as from Bengal’s communal violence.

The BJP’s IT cell has come under huge condemnation for repeatedly using fake and photoshopped digital materials to polarise communities along the religious lines allegedly to extract the much-needed electoral mileage.

Parts of Bengal have recently witnessed sporadic communal riots after a 17-year-boy posted a photoshopped photo of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) on Facebook.

A BJP MLA from Telnagana had also given a call for repeating the genocide of Gujarat in 2002, when more than 4,000 Muslims were massacred with Narendra Modi as the state’s chief minister.

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  1. While writing Prophet Muhammad don’t enter “(Peace Be Upon Him)”. It should be “piss be upon him” It’s because for this pro-fart Mu-HAM-MAD that the world is burning. His followers are become terrorists jue like he was.


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