BJP’s Nupur Sharma booked under non-bailable sections for sharing fake photo on Bengal riots


Two separate complaints have been filed against the BJP’s spokesperson, Nupur Sharma, for sharing a fake photo on Bengal riots.

nupur sharma booked

The first complaint was filed by a Trinamool Congress supporter at Regent Park police station in south Kolkata, while an FIR was filed at Gariahat police station under several non-bailable sections, reported India Today.

As first reported by Janta Ka Reporter on Sunday, Sharma had posted a fake photo (see below) from the 2002 Gujarat genocide passing it off as a sign of destruction caused during the recent communal riots in Bengal.

The photo posted by Sharma and her party colleagues was from Gujarat carnage, where more than 4,000 people had reportedly been killed in 2002 druing Narendra Modi’s reign as chief minister.

Her party, the BJP, had used the image as a background photo at their protest venue, where the party’s Rajya Sabha MP, Swapan Dasgupta too was one of the speakers.

Enraged by the blatant use of a fake photo to polarise sentiments among Hindus, demands are now growing for Twitter to suspend Sharma’s account.

Noted music director, Vishal Dadlani tweeted, “Images from 2002 Guj. riots to promote communal hatred in Bengal. Why hasn’t this account been reported/shut-down?”

Even in the face of raging social media condemnation, Sharma had refused to apologise while blaming her critics.

More to follow


  1. Friends, I must confide with you all that my first reaction was, “Good show”, but next moment was the realisation of the real character of the state, which is meant to look after the big capitalist class.
    This state (Ministers, Lawmakers, Police, administrators, judiciary, etc) is captured by the fascists, replacing the old bourgeois ‘managers’, led by the Congress.
    This transition was not through violent movement as the earlier bourgeois democracy was knowingly or unknowingly preparing the present ground, as both needs to exploit the working class, peasants maximum. However, in present day, when the exploited are rising everywhere, the state was not capable of discharging its role in earlier ‘democratic’ fashion. Do you remember, how BJP came to power in 2014, with only 18% of the Indian votes, with the help of national & international capital, worth Billions, media, goons, paid agents in streets and on Social Media.
    So our struggle must be coherent with our aim, to free the working class from its fetters, to establish Socialism! this will need a professional approach, through a revolutionary party, which will not indulge resisting an individual (Unless needed tactically) but getting into the much needed class struggle, which is dumped by many Left Wing parties, due opportunism, which has led to revinism!
    Hail Socialist Bhagat Singh!


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