Beef video row: Mamata Banerjee comes to Kajol’s support


Apparently referring to actress Kajol who was trolled online for posting a video of a beef dish, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today came out in her support, saying it was a dangerous trend that some people were becoming intolerant of food habits of others.

Banerjee said, “I won’t name the actress. She has worked in many films with Shah Rukh Khan. Recently she had posted a video online following which she was harassed and trolled online. She had to clarify that it was not beef but buffalo meat. It is an alarming situation.”

She said that it was a dangerous trend that some people became so intolerant that “they are trying to dictate what others will eat”.

Actress Kajol had posted a video of a beef dish that her friend had prepared, but after it attracted negative comments she clarified on Monday that it was actually buffalo meat. The 42-year-old actress also issued a statement on Twitter, saying she did not want to hurt religious sentiments.

She later deleted the clip from her Instagram and Facebook accounts.


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