Asaram’s son Narayan Sai has two illegitimate children, claims woman


In a sensational revelation, a woman claiming to be the wife of self-styled godman Asaram’s son Narayan Sai has told police that he (Sai) fathered two illicit children from two women.

In her complaint, Janaki Harpalni, who says she married Sai in 1997, also accused the father and son — who are in jail — of still threatening her through their henchmen.

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Harpalni alleged that immoral activities took place in Asaram’s ashram at Indore until his arrest. She said she was badly beaten up when she objected.

Sai, who got temporary bail in May, is currently in custody with his father on charges of sexual harassment.

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Harpalni also told reporters that Sai had illicit relations with many women devotees and had two children from two women.

She said Sai married another woman in Ajmer without divorcing her.

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