Arnab Goswami throws journalism ethics out of window, calls Congress spokesperson ‘worm’


Kalappa said, “I don’t know who the hell you are. I don’t have the details to say that Sheetal Rajput is not a member of the BJP or the RSS. But your words clearly indicate you are.”

It was at this juncture, when Goswami walked in and took control of the situation like a ‘don.’

Goswami went all out in his attack on Kalappa and, in the process, threw every rule book on ethics in journalism out of the window.

He told Kalappa, “Brijesh Kalappa, just shut up and listen to me.”

Kalappas interjected and said, “Mind your language. I can also say that you shut the f*** up.”

But Goswami continued with his rant, “Learn to speak with respect damn it. You are a novice in politics and you are no one to question us. Our funding is in public domain unlike channels you’ve funded for the longest time…So if you can’t answer my question, then say I’m a coward, I’m a lunatic. Say I am a rogue agent.

“Go and do ashtanga pranam before the Gandhis and tell them I’m sitting there as your lapdog. .. Ok Brijesh Kalappa, that’s the kind of language worms like you deserve.”

Speaking to Janta Ka Reporter, Kalappa said that he will file a criminal case against Goswami first thing on Monday morning.

He said, “I wasn’t going to appear on the show because our party has boycotted Arnab Goswami. But they while speaking to me on the phone, they put me on air. Goswami’s language is utterly unacceptable and, therefore, I’ve decided to file a criminal case against him on Monday.”

He later wrote on his social media page, “I know Arnab personally for about 15 years. When he first came online, I didn’t expect him to go straight for my throat. His reaction was over the top because I had merely termed his anchor as a BJP Journalist- which is by no means ‘misbehaviour’.

“Needless to mention, I had cut the line when he went on his diatribe. I am of course, left with little option but to seek legal recourse. Those who would like to pitch in are welcome to send me their inputs after watching this videoDid Arnab forget that I am a Lawyer?!”