Akshay Kumar apologises for flag code violation, deletes tweet


Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has apologised for insulting the Indian tricolour during the Women’s Cricket World Cup final at Lord’s on Sunday.

akshay kumar apologises

In a tweet posted soon after Janta Ka Reporter highlighted the issue, the Khiladi actor said, “Extending my sincerest apology for violating the code of conduct for the tricolor.Didn’t mean to offend anyone,the picture has been removed.”

Kumar was among those high-profile supporters present in the stadium. He had posted a tweet with the Indian tricolour while cheering for the women in blue.

Many social media users were quick to highlight that the Khiladi actor was holding the national flag upside down. This, according to them, was an insult to the Indian tricolour.

Some had even taken potshots at the actor’s alleged Canadian nationality to make their point.


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