“Writing an apology to Journalism for killing its soul”: Arnab Goswami’s former colleague resigns from Republic TV, questions journalistic ethics


One of Arnab Goswami’s former colleagues has sensationally left Republic TV questioning the journalistic ethics of the TV channel. Tejinder Singh Sodhi made the announcement of his resignation from Republic TV with a scathing tweet.

He wrote, “After writing an apology to Journalism for killing it’s (sic) soul for three and a half years, I have resigned from Republic TV. More details here soon.

When someone asked him why it took him three years to realise that Republic was not for him, he replied, “I would have never done that had I been the first 1 to leave. Every single individual who helped Arnab launch this channel and company has left, somebody had to speak, silence was encouraging these people to exploit young people. You will soon read the inside details.”

Sodhi’s resignation coincided with Republic Bharat, the Hindi TV channel launched by Goswami, extending its lead over Aaj Tak by securing the number one position second week in a row. A tweet by Republic TV read, “Historic record broken! Republic Bharat records highest-ever 16.5% viewership among Hindi news channels; stretches gap to the rest. Thank you, dearest viewers, for your unwavering faith.”

According to the weekly audience insights released by Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC), Republic Bharat had secured the 16.40% viewership among Hindi news channels, while Aaj Tak was placed at the second position with 14.26% market share.

Goswami had launched Republic TV in 2017 with the help of BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar. A year later, he also launched the Hindi channel, Republic Bharat. The controversial TV anchor has had to face considerable condemnation for his questionable broadcast being passed off as journalism. He was grilled by the Mumbai Police on two occasions after his TV broadcasts appeared to promote communal incitement.


  1. Rhea Chakravarty is now being probed by CBI in the Sushant Singh Rathore..who became MARIJUANA DRUCT ADDICT since shooting for Kedarnath in 2017 ..finally hanged himself…..then why Arnab Goswami is framing and asking 100 Questions after her 2 hour broadcast?….let CBI frame questions, its not REPUBLIC TV s job to frame questions and Influence Investigation by CBI.

    • Who the hell told you that Sushant is Marijuana drug addict?! Did poor, innocent Rhea tell you this? Don’t be oversmart. Nothing that Mr. Goswami has told is without proof. Refute it with facts, if you have any. Don’t act intellectual by siding with the narrative being spread by so called “believers of democracy”.

    • Don’t defame someone who is not there to defend himself… Then why these 3 supreme agencies are running behind to catch hold of the culprits.. Better know that facts before commenting such rubbish…

    • MSK RAO, The knowledge you have on SSR case is as accurate as you uttered SSR’s full name “Sushant Singh Rathore”.


    • It’s obvious you lack intelligence and that’s the reason you mention that TV channels can influence CBI investigations

    • Rao are you crazy…if something happens to you or your family..u will be ignorant like this? Are you school kid or insane to not understand the obvious?

  2. I am surprised to hear how did Sodhi even feel that Arnab is journalist in the first place. He cannot even be called a clown or a joker because they are great people who spread love and smile and laughter while being sad themselves. People like Arnab and other anchors representing Godi media is an insult to journalism itself. They can never know the value of journalism or know abc of that. These are just marketing sharks who can do any antics for money and TRP. Fools are they to think they are great and try to fly without knowing that human beings cannot fly just on the based on some fake social media deshbhakts.

  3. Arnab is my favourite. He is promoted by BJP and so he is pro Hindu is well understood. Hats off to him for his boldness in debating red hot sensitive issues for which he faces threat to his life 24X7. God bless him. Only he can unfold the realm of the darker side of our society.

  4. Rajdeep Sardesai’s interview of Reah Chakraborty is the most balanced interview, seen in a long time.
    All sympathy for the dead person, but none for the living?
    Times Now and Republic channels are most biased English news channels. Their panel discussions are most irritating and one sided! It is time they mend their ways!

    • Lacking basic decency that courtesy have to be extended to anybody who isn’t around to defend themselves.

      Ofcourse for some, their ignorance rules!!!!

  5. Was this guy an important reporter in this channel? I follow republic on YouTube and only seen this guy covering a few botched pieces. I’m just speaking from my knowledge.

  6. Arnab is a mad person.he is paid kick backs for every story where it’s in terms if TRP.Sushant died we r sorry.CBI doing job.FIRDone.why Riya cnt give interview?where was Sushants sisters wen he was alive. RIYA WAS FOR LESS THAN TWO YEARS.SISTERS NO WHERE SEEN.FATHER LEFT HIS MOTHER.DERANGED FAMILY.SUSHANT GENIUS.LETCBI PROBE ARNOB.U GO TO HELL.U R THIRDCLASS JOURNALIST .A STOOGE..

  7. I have some respect for Rajdeep Sardesai too and feel he doesn’t h
    Care how he comes across to the people. He cares only for a unbiased reporting. We need to have a place for such, even though it is an eye sore in the mood of the nation. But that is the balancing point.

    Arnab is loud and all about himself, more than the news. His style is nothing charming or out of the box, it is the village tekedaar with the panchayat backing him.
    Arnab is a lot like Trump, he really believes what he says, might be missing some common sense, but he is Soulful, Ernest and in away cute as a pampered child.
    He flows along the first person he listens to. Doesn’t have the grace to change his stance, even on more revelation.
    Sometimes he is on the wrong side.

  8. Republic TV is the need of the hour when all other channels are supporting the pseudo liberal leftists.

    In case of Sushant Singh Rathod, CBI came on the scene when the place of occurrence of event was tampered and evidence destroyed.So how far the truth will emerge is difficult to say.

  9. When Arnab Goswami can interview all those connected with SSR death, then why can’t Rajdeep Sardesai interview Rea Chakroborthy, who too has every right to express her views and it’s for CBI alone to judge whether her views are right or wrong and whether she is guilty or not of killing SSR; and not the media.

  10. I can’t call Arnav a journalist. He is a clown, I can’t tolerate his stupidity even for a minutes.
    He is a blot on indian journalism already suffering to lowest level.
    Indian media ranks 150 out of 180 nations.
    Shame shame

  11. I personally of the opinion that people are envy of my dearest Arnab.
    Arnab is a straight forward and trustworthy journalist who never afraid of others while expressing his views.

    Hi Arnabji you must continue in the same way forever and be always on the side of TRUTH.
    All the best

  12. We are tired of SSR saga which is going on for last one month in all most all national tv channels. Media trial and the wich hunt and the desperate attempt by these medias to influence the investigating authority that is going on, are seen nowhere in the civilized world. There is utter lack of morality and ethics in Indian journalism. Let the CBI, ED do their jobs .Don’t we have any other issues of national interest to discuss or debate in national TVs ? What about our national security, economic revivals, creation of economic corridors and jobs for the young generations ? Let there be discussion on these subjects.

  13. “He was grilled by the Mumbai Police on two occasions after his TV broadcasts appeared to promote communal incitement.”

    Why didn’t you complete the narration with..?

    “But the Mumbai police couldn’t find anything worthwhile of the accusations.”

    • Guys you need Ball of Brass to have the guts of Arnab, who fights for rights n justice, he is the only anchor who represents us , and puts black and white on the table, and not one of those who are playing safe n oil bearers.
      Kudos Arnab, we are with you, keep unfolding the truth, The Pinnacle of journalism.

  14. Television ratings, TRPs are like Covid19 testing – the testers dont know what they are testing for however whatever results arrive finally they celebrate – The media also survey something the basis of whose whats and hows they dont know, however every media celebrates their readership/viewership and convinces people that they are the best. The best (sad) part is people fight over whos on top just like they believed Covid19 is caused by a virus thats killing people!!! So much in the name of a mathematical branch called statistics, and everything quoting science!!

  15. सरदार मक्कारो कि एक मंडली से निकाल के दूसरी मंडली में जाने को तैयार ।


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