Video of Indian family ‘caught stealing’ accessories from Indonesian hotel goes viral


A video of an Indian family being shamed by hotel authorities in Bali in Indonesia after they were caught stealing accessories from a hotel has gone viral on social media. Twitterati is now demanding that a ‘good behaviour’ guide be issued by the Indian government for its citizens, who travel abroad on holidays.
Indian family

In the 2.20 minute video, an Indian family with minors is seen being shamed publicly by the hotel authorities, who are busy opening their suitcases rifling through their belongings. From the conversation, it seems the Indian family in question hadn’t impressed the hotel staff with their behaviour.

A man, who’s seen opening one suitcase after the other to find many more accessories stolen from the hotel, also threatens to call the police but the family begs for mercy by offering to pay for the stolen goods.

One woman is heard pleading, “Please don’t call the police. This is a family tour. We are paying.” However, the hotel staff, who was seemingly upset by the family’s bad behaviour during their stay at the hotel, goes on to open other belongings of the family to find more stolen items.

It’s not clear what happened to the family, but the video has sparked outrage on social media with many Indian Twitterati slamming the family for shaming India abroad. User Ananth Rupanagudi wrote, “Indian tourists caught with items picked from hotel room – this is how our #tourists defame the country when they go to another country! #Shame #travel”

User Kaveri wrote, “From the conversation, I gathered that they had earlier shouted at and misbehaved with the staff as well. What a disgrace. Shame on them.” Another user Hemanth wrote, “I understand this happened in #Bali. Having lived in Indonesia & visited Bali, I can personally vouch for Indonesians being the gentlest, most respectful people I have met. They hold India & Indians in very high esteem & its gut-wrenching to see us in such a compromised position.”


  1. They should be arrested after landing in India .. they have spoiled the face of India, now they would treat all Indian like this bunch of bastards … If this is happend in India they could easily fly away but putting the pressure on the hotel management for posting a negative feedback on TripAdvisor’s

  2. Let us forgive them; give the family a chance! Imagine the trauma they are going through now, they are still us, humans!

  3. These types of Indians behave immaturely everywhere, whether it be India or abroad. No civic sense at all! They look down on others. They talk down to others. They think that talking loudly is a sign of power. They think insulting someone will get them to their next profit. They think money is the answer to their problems. They think that going to foreign places make them somebody. I have faced all these from my own fellow Indians. If I was in the same situation as the hotel’s staff, when I have the upper hand over such people, I would do the same.
    Forgive them, why yes!
    Give them a chance, again yes!
    Punish them, yes all crimes are to be punished!
    Teach them a lesson, all other options are invalid!
    Will this family learn something and grow, hopefully!
    Will others like them take heed, I hope so; if not, then they better not come across people like the patient and honourable Bali hotel staff.


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