Tina Dabi’s husband Athar Aamir Khan unfollows her on Instagram after IAS topper drops Khan from surname; IAS couple unfollows each other on Twitter


A day after Janta Ka Reporter exclusively reported how Tina Dabi had dropped Khan from her surname and removed the reference to being a Kashmiri bahu, the IAS topper from the 2016 batch has also unfollowed her husband Athar Aamir Khan on Twitter. Speculations about her relationship status have gained momentum on social media after many eagle-eyed users found that Athar has also unfollowed Tina on Instagram.

Tina Dabi

While Tina, who has in excess of half a million followers on Instagram, is still following Athar, the latter is no longer one of her followers. What has also left her fans bewildered is the cryptic line added by Tina to her Twitter bio, which are the famous lines penned by poet Majrooh Sultanpuri. It reads, “main akelaa hee chalaa thaa jaanib-e-manzil magar, log saath aate gayee aur kaarvaan bantaa gayaa (I was alone when I set off towards my destination. Many people joined me along the way and it soon turned into a caravan).”

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These developments have prompted many social media users to wonder if everything was well in her marriage.

Curiously, Tina has begun flaunting her Hindu faith more explicitly in the last two days. On Wednesday, she had posted a photo of Lord Hanuman with a prayer that said, “Those coming in your shelter become happy. Why fear when we have your protection. Jai Shri Ram.”

A day later, she once again posted a photo of Lord Hanuman with another prayer that read, “All disease and pain are eradicated, brave Hanuman, by constant repetition of your name.” Her other Insta story carried the photo of Goddes Durga as she wished her fans on the occasion of Navratri.

Tina had topped the IAS exam in 2016 by securing the all-India number one ranking. Athar was the number 2 rank holder nationally in the same year. Both fell in love during the training period and tied the knot last year.

Both Tina and Athar were posted as officers equivalent to SDM in Bhilwara in Rajasthan after they completed their brief stints as Assistant Secretaries in the MSME and Tourism Ministry of the government of India respectively.

Tina and Athar got married in 2018 after falling in love with each other during the training. Soon after her marriage, Tina had updated her Instagram bio by describing her as a “Delhiite, Kashmiri Bahu, IAS, in that order.” She, however, recently removed both ‘Khan’ and the other description from her Instagram page. This has now been replaced by the line ‘This is a personal account.’

P.S: After Janta Ka Reporter carried the story on Aathar unfollowing Tina on Instagram, the IAS officer from Kashmir started following his wife again.



  1. Very sad. A very intelligent and beautiful girl has this type of sad destiny. But this episode has given a very tough message to Hindu girls that they should not marry a Muslim. A Muslim husband can’t give respect and equality to a Hindu wife. There faith is very fanatic and radicalized. There women are not treated with respect and equality. Dear Tina read the Bhagwad Gita and Ramayam and chant Hindu hymns. This bad period will be over soon. Try to forget the past mistake of marrying a Muslim. Jai Shree Ram. Jai Mata ki.

  2. People should always follow their parents and their faith… Going with someone from some other faith ultimately leads to such situation.

  3. It’s intelligent to remove a Muslim surname in a right wing Hindu fundementalist governed India where muslims have been killed being identified by their names & dress . With the present government where legislators openly give hate speeches without being reprimanded , she’s done the right thing . In the USA UK it’s different as millions of people coexist from over 150 countries . We’re now living in a very charged racist environment pretending to be a vibrant democracy which is just to portray to the international community , but with the regular racial riots the world knows better.

    • You must be talking about pakistan or afghanistan where recently sikh girls were abducted and temples destroyed by bombs…I am hindu, will u allow your sister to marry me whole heartedly?

  4. Stop invading their privacy. Stop bothering her. Praising her to the skies and celebrating when she added Khan to her name and attacking her and mourning when she dropped the name exposes the fanaticism of this newspaper. What’s the big deal if she remembers her Gods and celebrates her festivals??

  5. We all are human, we shouldn’t discussion about religion, no one has rights to fight against religion…there is no rules has passed in Indian Constitution….that we should fight or argue against religion. We are discussing about religion than when election time did candidate see any religion did they do ask Muslim, Christian or Hindu or Sikh or Isaiah…no…then why ???? Why we are discussing about religion. Every religion people has different colour of heart and blood no….than why. We are in democratic Republic country everybody has their freedom to take their own decisions……to whom they have to marry or whom to not…..it’s freedom country my friends…..so please stop arguing against religion.


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