Hilarious spoof video on Arnab Goswami and GD Bakshi will leave you in splits


Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami has gained fresh notoriety not just in India but also across the border in Pakistan with TV channels in Pakistan often poking fun at him. The latest in the series is a spoof video of Goswami’s famous TV debate by two YouTubers, whose video on the controversy surrounding the alleged downing of the F-16 fighter jet by India has gone viral.

Arnab Goswami

In the video, Syed Kumail and Ather Ahmed are seen recreating Goswami’s debate show with his usual guests including parody of Maj Gen (Retd) GD Bakshi. The parody Arnab Goswami, identified here as Arnab Awami, is also joined by ‘Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman’ enjoying his cup of tea. His other guests include three Pakistani journalists- not real- namely Zaid Hamid, Mubashar Lucman and Sohail Warraich.

Starting his debate, Arnab Awami says how everyone has been asking if Adnan Sami was an ISI agent and whether the BJP paid him ‘by the hour.’ He then goes on to reiterate that ‘tonight for the 69th time, we will debate’ that the Pakistani F-16 was indeed shot down by the Indian jet.

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Awami introduces Abhinandan and Bakshi as his panelists with the Indian Air Force officer being shown sipping tea. While the parody GD Bakshi is seen holding a glass of water with his hand shaking profusely.

On the show, Abhinandan reveals how he indeed had an encounter with the Pakistani F-16, prompting Arnab Awami to go hysterical as he is heard shouting, “Photo, Photo. He has the proof. For the first time. Please put the photo up right now.”

What appears on the screen is a couple of Karachi minibuses with F-16 written on them. Abhinandan explains, “I would like to say that Karachi minibus service is very professional. Very fantastic. They even allowed me to sit on top.”

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Agitated over being mocked, Arnab Awami calls Abhinandan anti-national and asks him to leave the show. He’s joined by parody Bakshi, who roars in his inimitable style, “ye koi Kapil Sharma Ka show hai? (Is this the Kapil Sharma show?)” Arnab Awami asks him to calm down and not act like his father.

To redeem himself, Arnab Awami turns to a Pakistani journalist, who promises to show him the “proof”. But the photo shared by him is of Narendra Modi laughing hysterically while posing for camera with Saudi Crown Prince during his last visit to India. Angry Arnab Awami asks, “Mubashir, I thought you were a thorough gentleman. What the hell is this?”

The show soon turns into a place for antakshari with General GD Bakshi also joining the singing contest by humming sandese aate hain from the film Border.

Arnab Awami is forced to end the show after he supposedly gets a threatening call from the MQM leader Altaf Hussain.

Last month, a similar spoof video by a Pakistani TV anchor on Goswami had gone viral on social media platforms.




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