‘Arnab Goswami admitted in mental asylum’ video by Pakistani TV anchor goes viral


Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami is one TV anchor, who has run an endless campaign urging India to attack Pakistan in the wake of 14 February Pulwama terror attack that killed 45 CRPF soldiers. Goswami’s theatrics came under heavy criticism from many in India, while TV channels in Pakistan too targeted him by calling him a war-monger. While Pakistan’s decision to release the Indian Air Force officer Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman may have averted the prospects of war between India and Pakistan, Goswami has continued to feature on Pakistani TV channels, for all the wrong reasons.

Arnab Goswami

The latest in the series of a viral video is of a Pakistani TV anchor mimicking Goswami’s histrionics. Faisal Qureshi of Pakistan’s Public TV recently did a spoof video by playing an old broadcast by Goswami on Times Now, where he was previously employed, while broadcasting a story on underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. In the said broadcast, Goswami, in his inimitable style, had flaunted the ‘final proof’ of Ibrahim living in Karachi. To support his ‘final proof,’ Goswami had broadcast a purported phone conversation with the underworld don’s wife, Mahjabeen Shaikh. The short audio clip had the Times Now reporter ask the female voice if she was the wife of Dawood Ibrahim. In response, the woman in the audio clip had replied, “Yes, he’s sleeping.”

Using the old Times Now broadcast, Public TV’s Faisal Qureshi took out a mobile phone during the live broadcast and seemed to dial a number and spoke to a woman, who he claimed to be the wife of Republic TV’s founder. The woman, who was addressed by Qureshi as the ‘begum’ of Goswami, said that her ‘husband’ has had to be admitted to a mental asylum. When asked why he had to be sent to a mental asylum, the woman said, “Did you not see his awkward behaviour on his channel recently. He has lost his mental balance.”

Using the content of his phone conversation with the woman, Qureshi began to mimic Goswami and claim; “This is breaking news. Arnab Goswami has been admitted to a mental asylum. His wife has confirmed. We have now undeniable evidence that Arnab Goswami is mad.”

The video of Qureshi mimicking Goswami has now gone viral on social media.

Goswami had founded Republic TV with the help of BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar in 2017 after he was sacked from Times Now. Chandrasekhar is a member of the parliamentary committee on defence.


  1. What is there for u to celebrate? Whether enemies enemy is friend that concept is working. This proves that to prove somebody wrong to what extent you people can go. Great cudos to you n your team for very good journalism suiting to your appetit.

  2. Congratulations Arnab, even though you are not the PM (Modi) nor the son of Gandhi family…became this much famous that that other country people are talking about you these much.
    Feeling proud of you Dude.. actually last few days while watching Pakistani RV channels I observed they are also trying to copy you while sharing the news. Good job Arnab…carry on…

  3. You cowards! The Pakistanis are making fun of a fellow Indian and you are with them??? Ironically you are not even at feet level of the man(Arnab Goswami:in case you duffer’s don’t catch that).you guys run agenda articles about everyone who’s anti Pakistan.Just say this in your head ‘Apna time aega’ lekin acha nai bura.Maa kasam public chappal se maregi???

  4. The Pakistani reporter is mad. The whole world knows Dawood is in Karachu. Pakistan also denied Osama Bin Laden not being in Pakistan. Also Masood Azar is not in Pakistan. Hahaa. What a fool has he made of himself?
    He needs to be admitted in mental asylum. HAHAAA

  5. Who even cares about what the Porkistanis think and do, apart from the stupid tatta ka reporter. Next time go and wash the feet of your Porkistani masters and publish a report on that… ??


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