Siddharth Shukla takes perfect revenge against Shehnaaz Gill for betrayal, prefers Mahira Sharma over Punjab’s Katrina Kaif


Siddharth Shukla on Monday night took perfect revenge by punishing Shehnaaz Gill as he saved Mahira Sharma when asked by Bigg Boss to use his special powers to reverse one contestant’s nomination for eviction. Siddharth’s decision to save Mahira and not his ‘special friend’ Shehnaaz came after the latter was seen betraying the former soon after he was taken out of the Bigg Boss house to a secret room.

Siddharth Shukla

Siddharth and Paras Chhabra are now monitoring the proceedings in the house from a secret room. Both were given a special power to give immunity to one nominated contestant. Both Shehnaaz and Mahira had received the most number of votes, but Siddharth stunned the audience by agreeing with Paras to save Mahira and not Shehnaaz, who pretended to miss him in the house on Monday night.

Earlier, many felt that Shehnaaz had betrayed Siddharth by approaching Rashami Desai to apologise for her bad behaviour. Siddharth’s latest decision to save Mahira and not Shehnaaz is being seen as perfect revenge for her betrayal. Siddharth and Rashami have fought in this year’s Bigg Boss season.

Such was the bonding between Siddharth and Shehnaaz that #SidNaaz became a top trending hashtag on social media platforms.

Elsewhere, Vishal Aditya Singh and Madhurima Tuli have left their acrimonious past behind and come together to rekindle their love for each other. Both were seen pronouncing ‘I love you’ for each other.

It remains to be seen if this will be enough for Madhurima to save herself from eviction this week. After Mahira Sharma was saved, four contestants namely Siddharth Shukla, Hindustani Bhau, Shehnaaz Gill and Madhurima Tuli will face audience votes for eviction this week.


  1. You are the biggest fool if you are thinking so . It was just a game plan that if they will save mahila their team will not loose any member as mahira is the weakest not shennaj.they know that shena will not get evicted .

  2. I want rashmi to discontinue the relationship with arhaan ,,i want rashmi to continue freindship or relationship with Shukla u both r fabulous, & shukla plz u can talk smoothly she really loves u & u also too plz plz i want ti see u both be friend or else. Waiting to see rgis in next episodes plz big boss u also attached thrm

  3. You are so stupid what revenge are you talking about it was planned bcz mahira always get less vote as compare to other content so they saved her and sana didn’t betray sidharath

    • Yes, it was a wise decision by Sidharth and paras that they saved Mahira coz she is weak and got less votes last time and moreover sahbaz is very strong and channel team will not evict sahnaz otherwise who will entertain the audience and their trp will fall

  4. Ya it’s a very very good desition take name mahira by Sid & mahira is more deserve for bigboss show then shanizad cause actually if u observe shanuzad is not a good gamer and she is not intelligent for planning the game how u produce so boss ds is a competation everyone come here to win ds show atlist doing so etching for there footage but sinzad came only for Sid and Paras she is more cleaver then anyone but she forgot that only cleverness I not enough u should use Ur brain and logically but can thing what u r goin to do that’s why it’s a hard core game , but shinizad don’t have Brain and loggick is out of her head so she not capable fir big boss not in this stage cause Sid koavi strong hona paraga sinazad tik hay timing Tak Avi nhe usko team m rakna koy fayda billkul v nhe kuk a bandit m Wasa kuch dikta nhe , childness bolapan lakay bigboss nhe khel saktay kavi kavi masun lagti lakin kavi kavi itni irritating lagtay sinazad ko , and more over she can’t prove her self she can play along without supposed by any one Avi Sid Gaya to uski game totally band hay isleyaa is stage pad siznazad is completely fruitless. after Hindustan bhau go back from house it’s batter if shanizad will evected frn house. So ko kafi probs hay kuk did agar kisi s bat kartay or koy sud k kas aakay bat katay to shanizad Gill ko problem hoti ayasa m to Sid kisi s jur nhe Sakta no kisi s unity bara saktay Avi gane m move on karnay k leyaa sud Paras mahira and shafali bagga ko team karna paraga

  5. Shenaaz has a big fanfollowing and people wld love to see the reunion of Sid and shenaaz when he returns and also are loving seeing her missing notes of Sid and Sid finding it cute.i do not think anyone wld send her home back.madhurima is useless.bhau is invisible.rashmii shld go back to her daughter and sort things out.
    Waiting to see Sid naaz reunion. Rightfully saved Mahira for paras return.

  6. What revenge she was just doing her task and was sorry for hurting rashmi where did she bethray suddenly what nonsense everyone is talking she is very true and real sana we love ❤?u

  7. it wasn’t a revenge from Sid…idiots….both did know that Sana is gonna be safe this wow…coz she has a huge fan following that’s why they both choose Mahira to be safe over Sana…dimag se khela hai…ghanta bajane nai aaye hain BB13 me

  8. This has to be the funniest joke I have ever read. Oh sorry your not joking, your just dim witted. My apologies ????. what revenge, what are you even talking about. 90 percent of this is lies and misjudgement m how are you watching the least intellcultual show and still not understanding it????

  9. It seems BB 13 is again taking side of paras n Sidharth wen d duo are really not doing anything but are being pampered n given spcl powers from bb…Dis is wat called open cheating to public…bakwas season..TABIYAT KHARAP HE TO KYA SAR PE UTHA LO GE.. YE KYA BAAT HUI..DAM HE TO SECRET ROOM PE PARAS AND ASIM KELAO…PHIR DEKHO KYA GAME HOTA HE..


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