Siddharth Shukla stunned by Rajat Sharma’s intense grilling as fans slam ‘spineless’ Salman Khan for biases


Siddharth Shukla has always been accused of enjoying the patronage of Salman Khan and the makers of Bigg Boss ever since the current edition of Colors TV’s reality show went on air. Both Salman and Colors TV have routinely faced severe criticism for their glaring biases in favour of Siddharth Shukla after they were found to be turning a blind eye to his violent and abusive conduct. However, the TV actor faced plenty of heat on Tuesday night as India TV founder Rajat Sharma decided to expose him for his shenanigans. No sooner was the Tuesday’s episode broadcast, fans took to Twitter to slam Salman Khan as they asked him to learn from Sharma on how to show ‘spine’ in dealing with a bully.

Siddharth Shukla

Sharma stunned Shukla by revealing that some members of the public had sent him at least eight videos showing the latter’s physical assault on Asim Riaz. Sharma said, “This is your problem. You don’t give importance to anybody other than yourself…As for Asim, members of the public have sent me videos. You pushed him eight times.”

Faced with intense grilling, Siddharth realised that there was no Salman Khan to give him preferential treatment. He told Sharma, “Yes, I pushed him but only when he touched me.”

Sharma told Siddharth, “You are elder than him, you have more experience. Asim is relatively new…You ought to have displayed some patience.”

If Siddharth felt that this was the end of his misery, then he was mistaken. When he told the India TV founder that he had tried his best to first explain his frustration to Asim, Rajat Sharma bluntly asked, “So, if he doesn’t listen to your explanation, then you will push him?”

Sharma then asked Siddharth whether he never wanted to accept defeat either in arguments or the house tasks. Siddharth conceded but said that this was due to the sportsman spirit. Sharma said, “When you watch the videos, you will realise that this was not a part of your sportsman spirit. This all happened to leave others behind and show them in poor light.”

This is how fans reacted on Twitter;

Sharma also grilled Siddharth for his aggression in the competition. In the concluding part of his grilling, Sharma will be seen asking him about his camaraderie with Rashami Desai, who has called a liar.  


  1. Watched yesterday’s episode of Rajat Sharma.

    Siddharth Shukla has been grilled very nicely.

    I like it!!!!

    Guys, only 4 days left for the finale.

    Let’s vote for Rashmi Desai. She deserves to win.
    She has gone through with a lot of hardships & struggles.

    Rashmi deserves to win!!!.

  2. I think no one heard the sentence when rajat Sharma said that Siddharth was the only one who replied and answered well from others this what honesty n maturity

  3. The problem in today’s generation is they very nicely use the emotions. The person who showed so much trust in you will definitely feel betrayed and gets more frustrated when encounter with the person whom he protects and care once. This is the case of Sidharth and Asim. I support Sidharth bcoz his feelings were geniune…not like Asim.


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