WATCH: Rattled Arnab Goswami vents out frustration on Janta Ka Reporter, Rifat Jawaid after Vistara deletes tweet with General GD Bakshi’s photo


How often do you see Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami rattled on LIVE TV? The man known for always flying the flag for the divisive and venomous propaganda on his TV channel every night was seething on Monday after Air Vistara removed its tweet with the photo of its crew members and controversial former army Maj Gen GD Bakshi on Sunday. A visibly rattled Goswami launched a tirade against Janta Ka Reporter and its founder Rifat Jawaid during his debate on Monday night.

Goswami started his debate with his usual rant. He said, “Ladies and gentlemen, decorated Kargil war hero Major General GD Bakshi has tonight single-handedly exposed the true face of the pseudos in India.” He went on to claim that India had rejected ‘their intolerance’ to nationalism.

His channel then ran a package capturing the turn of events, blaming Rifat Jawaid as one of the persons responsible for Air Vistara to remove its controversial tweet. Goswami then launched a tirade against Janta Ka Reporter and its founder Rifat Jawaid. He said, “Those few little pseudos think that they can blackmail and be bullies. But nobody gives a damn about them…They are a club of some 300 people in India today who just keep retweeting each other….It’s so sad that some people who call themselves journalists say about General Bakshi.”

Referring to Rifat’s viral tweet, Goswami said, “They say ‘he’s a bigot…’ There’s one particular journalist mentioned here who said, “I quite liked Vistara but their love for this bigot shows etc etc. They say Bakshi is anti-Muslim. I will not fly Vistara any more. These are people who put one article on GD Bakshi and Republic everyday in their pathetic website. The question is not in their infantile argument, the question is deeper.”

Following is the tweet that Rifat had posted on 21 April on Air Vistara’s tweet with Maj General Bakshi on 19 April.

Soon, it became a topic of intense social media conversations as several journalists, members of civil society and historians joined, forcing the airline to delete its tweet. This caused  massive heartburn to the cheerleaders of the right-wing brigade, who had vowed to always fly Air Vistara to counter the threat to boycott the airline by liberals on social media.

Soon after the airline deleted the tweet, the same right-wing cheerleaders performed a U-turn and launched the #BoycottVistara campaign. This prompted Goswami to dedicate 37 minutes and 19 seconds of his air time to slam liberals by singling out Janta Ka Reporter and its founder Rifat Jawaid.

The question is Mr Goswami; if we are that insignificant then why devote nearly an hour on the impact of our editorial on your very significant TV channel. Contrary to Goswami’s claims that liberals hated a decorated army general, the criticism against Bakshi is not because of his association with the army but because of his rampant bigotry and venomous public speeches targeting one particular community. Rifat’s subsequent tweet had sought to highlight his association and respect for the armed forces.

One of the reasons why Arnab Goswami may have been rattled on Monday was because Janta Ka Reporter had called out his channel’s lies on the Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s response to the criminal contempt case filed in the Supreme Court by BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi. While Gandhi had merely express ‘regret’ for wrongly attributing  Chowkidar Chor Hai jibe to the Supreme Court, his channel had claimed that the Congress president had apologies for using the slogan against Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the ongoing controversy over the Rafale deal.

You can watch Arnab Goswami’s full debate here


    • Once my son wants to see the biggest cartoon character on tv, while on channel surfing he sticks on a particular channel laughing like Archana Puran Singh, on curiously I found he is laughing seeing Arnab guswami.

  1. Have celebrations. After such a long time your master bothered to take your name on television which you were wating for. Be grateful to him.?

  2. Arnab is a patriot and take on all anti nationals for their hypocrisy….. how could a soldier be insulted on any ground.
    All pro Pak people in India should be exposed, and Arnab is doing that.
    Thanks Arnab.

  3. Please change name to Congressi reporter as this is the first time I saw your website and it’s full of news in favour of Congress party. I think these elections have changed everything, there is not a single web news or channel news provider who is neutral either they are with BJP or Congress. It’s something like Cold War days, either you are with US or U.S.S.R, god knows who will introduce NAM in journalism.

  4. Funny, because the dumb reporter himself is telling that because of his wrong reporting n supporting false news on rafale by congress, arnab did this?.

  5. Dear friends, How is calling a War Veteran a “Bigot” equal to having respect for the armed forces?? This is the most convoluted logic possible!!

  6. Yes we cannot come close to your respect for urself or for anything . Because we cant stoop that low … you r like a monkey with razor and the worst thing you can do is threaten somebody with blocking their bread and butter. Dont have the guts to debate and change views … because the bunch of u feel that other than you nobody deserve to have a opinion

  7. Maj.Gen. Bakshi is a decorated war hero and patriot. If so called liberals can see another side of him as anti-muslim & bigot, why can’t Hemanth karkare have two faces: one as martyr and another as who tortured Sadhvi Pragna?
    If these liberals can insult a war hero like Bakshi ji as they like, why such roar when Pragna ji makes a comment about Karkare out of her grief?

  8. Rahul case is posted on 30th April . Bloody idiot khangress reporter. Don’t try to hide behind minority and secular tag. You are paid agent of khangress against BJP. Your journalism days will end soon once results are announced and BJP wins

  9. Gen Bakshi needs to be more careful about his image. He should not allow Arnab gussaswami and air disastara to exploit his Fauji image. Surprised that in our country everyone uses the fauji even to sell cooking oil like thelaram Akshay Kumar without any shame and still claim they respect the Army. Have a heart, my dear countrymen.


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