Vistara deletes photo with controversial general GD Bakshi amidst growing protest and threats of boycott


Vistara airline on Sunday deleted the photo that it had flaunted on 19 April with a known bigot and controversial former military general, GD Bakshi. After Janta Ka Reporter first reported the news on how the airline company’s decision to welcome a known hatemonger had left many seething on social media, Vistara decided to delete the controversial photo.


In the photo, two Vistara airline staffer were seen proudly posing with Bakshi. The tweet by Vistara read, “Honored to have Major General G. D. Bakshi (Retd), a decorated Kargil war hero, onboard our flight today. Thank you Sir, for your service to the nation.”.

Although the airline company’s original tweet had only received few hundreds of shares, but it skyrocketed to thousands of shares and likes after the report by Janta Ka Reporter went viral, eliciting more outrage from journalists and activists alike.

Bakshi has faced public condemnation for his vile speeches and disgust for India’s freedom fighters. In a 2016 viral video, he was seen attacking none other than India’s father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, by saying, “You tell me what contribution did Mahatama Gandhi and Congress party make towards India’s freedom struggle?…. They say they faced lathi-charge (by English rulers), but even my buffalo gets thrashed by canes! (laughter breaks).. (gets agitated) If you have faced lathi-charge, then what will happen to bravehearts such as (Veer) Savarkar?”

More recently, he’s become a darling of the right-wing leaning Indian TV channels particularly Arnab Goswami of Republic TV. He’s often had to face condemnation for foul language, unbecoming of a former military general.


  1. Well, when you were still bed-wetting, the ‘contriversial’ general was being a true son of India and saving thousands of ‘would be’ assholes like you..shame on you all, because you mosquitoes aren’t the ones who have a reputation of being clicked a photo with, hence couldn’t digest the fact that a decorated war hero is being talked about..well, for some people I really wish you rot in hell after dying and in next birth you be the ones who shall be shot dead by brave men protecting our borders


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