Pregnant Mira Rajput targets sister, Mumbai’s politicians and replies whether she prefers son or daughter as her second child


Shahid Kapor and his wife Mira Rajput on Thursday took to Instagram to answer a set of questions that many journalists and their fans would have liked to ask them. In one ‘interview’ session she targeted her sister, answered on whether she wasnted a boy or a girl and then exposed the politicians for the appalling condition of Mumbai’s roads.

Mira Rajput


For example, questions answered by Mira included ‘what are the three things she cannot live without’ and ‘if she has ever tried chicken.’ Mira said that she could not live without her family, sleep and paneer. And on chicken, the affable lady replied that she was a vegetarian and had never even tried chicken.

Among other questions, Mira also answered whether she would prefer to have a boy or a girl as she goes through the final stage of her pregnancy. She said, “Don’t know and doesn’t matter.” From her Q&A session, we also learnt that the last song Mira had listened to was Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Afreen Afreen. The lady from Delhi then told us how she missed hanging out with friends in Hauz Khas Village. Between maggi and golgappa, she spoke in favour of the former.

When her sister Noor Jehan Wadhwani asked if she will do ‘frandship’ with her, Mira replied, “I will have to first disown you as my sister.” And Noor wasn’t the only sister who Mira targeted. In response to a question on bullying, she replied, “My eldest sister has doctorate in bullying. Please DM her for tuition.”

Mira was also asked if she preferred travelling or staying at home. She replied, “Travel enough that I enjoy being home.”

When asked about her dream car, Mira replied, “We need dream roads first.” This reply assumes significance in light of the recent rains severely damaging roads in Mumbai, where she resides. Many parts of Mumbai had become water-logged as citizens targeted politicians for poor civic amenities.

She concluded with a quirky answer when someone asked her ‘This summer what do you prefer, Ola or Ice ka gola?’ Mira replied, “yeh aapne kya bola?”

Mira is expecting her second child, who’s likely to arrive in this world some time in August, when she along with Shahid will also be celebrating Misha’s second birthday.

Mira has over one million followers on Instagram, where she keeps hers fans abreast of her movements. Earlier in February, Shahid had reportedly started hunting for a new house after the alarming increase in prostitution in his neighbourhood.


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