Meet AMU fame Nalini Sharma, whose social media history includes abusing Muslims, Rahul Gandhi and, hold your breath, her own boss Arnab Goswami


Republic TV’s Nalini Sharma was at the centre of the latest controversy, orchestrated by her channel on the campus of Aligarh Muslim University on Tuesday. She was accused of deliberately provoking local students by allegedly referring to the prestigious educational institution as ‘the university of terrorists.’ She has vehemently denied the allegations, but a fresh video, now being shared on social media, conclusively proves that she was on the campus reporting without permission on a topic that was not related to the goings on of the AMU.

Since the story gained national limelight, Sharma has become a favourite target of social media users, who’ve been digging out her old tweets targeting Muslims, the Congress party and its president Rahul Gandhi.

Her tweets are indicative of a highly abusive behavioural pattern towards anyone, who she doesn’t like. She may be working for a channel owned by Arnab Goswami, but interestingly, she has not even spared her current boss, who according to her was like C-grade Bollywood actor Rakhi Sawant. In one of her past tweets, now deleted but can be seen archived here, Sharma had said, “Arnab Goswami is a lot like Rakhi Sawant. He used to be entertaining in the beginning, but then he just got insanely irritating.”

Her other tweet on Goswami had read, “It’s exhausting just to watch Arnab Goswami. Imagine how exhausting it must be to be him.”

She has also posted some outrageously racist tweets against Muslims in the past (Read below).

About the Congress party, she once wrote, “Fu** the Congress. Fu** the mega rally. Fu** Ramlila Maidan. Fu** Rahul Gandhi. Oh please let’s fu** Rahul Gandhi.”

Here are some of her gems displaying her abusive and bigoted self.

Meanwhile, authorities in Aligarh have banned the mobile internet service until 12 noon on Thursday. 14 students of the AMU have been booked for sedition for allegedly chanting Pakistan Zindabad, India Murdabad slogans even though local police chief Ashutosh Dwivedi told Janta Ka Reporter that the cops had yet to see the CCTV footage to verify the claims of any anti-India activities.

It seems, the Hindutva brigade has found their JNU moment in AMU to polarise voters weeks before the crucial Lok Sabha polls. In 2016, the campaign to defame the JNU was helped by Zee News. It seems the Hindutva brigade has found a new media partner in Republic TV this time around.


  1. Trust me in the next 5 years she’d give all the other presstitutues a run for their money… including that one who Subramaniam swammy called stupid on his own channel, all he could do was laugh at his own idiocrasy… for those who don’t know let me say you should “cause the nation wants to… ” ?

  2. Well, going through your articles and views it seems you guys are yourselves anti BJP. It’s easy to dig into someone’s past but it’s even tougher when you’re facing the music yourself. This story is one side of the coin, propogated very well indeed. Congrats on this piece of journalism, you’ve successfully managed to create more unreat and your attempt at character assassination is to learn from.
    Thanks once more for misguiding the reader and mocking the ‘real journalism’ that needs to be done. Know the truth, complete truth before you start propogating your agenda.


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