New video exposes dangerous plan of Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV to cause unrest on AMU campus ahead of Lok Sabha polls


Authorities in Aligarh have banned mobile internet in the city including the campus of Aligarh Muslim University until 12 noon on Thursday. This was after representatives of Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV were engaged in a scuffle with AMU students following their allegedly provocative broadcast from the campus.

Arnab Goswami

According to a new circular, the district administration of Aligarh has ordered the internet provider companies to ban mobile internet in the city starting from 2 pm on Wednesday till 12 noon on Thursday. 

The order to ban mobile internet services followed an FIR filed against at least 14 students of Aligarh Muslim University for Tuesday’s scuffle. Shockingly, these 14 students have also been booked under sedition charges.

Explaining the rationale to book 14 students for sedition, Aligarh SP Ashutosh Dwivedi told Janta Ka Reporter that this was because these students were accused of shouting Pakistan Zindabad, India Murdabad slogans. He, however, admitted that there was no evidence to support these allegations. He said, “We’ve asked the AMU administration to give us the CCTV footage, which we hope to receive by today (Wednesday).”

Reacting to the filing of FIR under sedition charges, local student Sharjeel Usmani tweeted, “9 charges including Sedition against 14 AMU students. No action on the complaint filed by us.”

Usmani, who was witness to the allegedly provocative broadcast by Republic TV representatives on Tuesday, also took to social media to inform about the attack on an MA Political Science student Mohammed Arif Khan ‘near Chungi gate.’ He wrote, “He has been beaten with rod, and baseball bats as the injuries suggest and is still unconscious. Don’t leave the campus, people.”

On Tuesday, two Republic TV representatives, identified as Nalini Sharma and Sumaira Khan, were accused of describing the AMU as ‘the university of terrorists.’ This had evoked angry reactions from the students on the campus. Aligarh SP Ashutosh Dwivedi had later told Janta Ka Reporter that the two women did not have permission to broadcast live from inside the campus, let alone making extremely provocative remarks during their live broadcast.

Meanwhile, a video footage captured by a student shows Sharma doing a live broadcast on an issue, which was completely unrelated to the AMU. This, according to local students, was a part of Republic TV’s plan to cause unrest in an already sensitive campus ahead of the Lok Sabha polls. In the video below, Sharma is seen reporting on Akhilesh Yadav being stopped from boarding a plane at the Lucknow airport from Aligarh even though there was no editorial justification for this broadcast from the AMU campus.

This video clearly exposes the dangerous plan by Arnab Goswami’s channel, which was founded with the help of BJP Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrsekhar in 2017, to cause unrest on the campus of the AMU ahead of the Lok Sabha polls.

This is not the first time that the AMU has been targeted by the country’s right-wing brigade. Ahead of the Kairana by-polls, the university had gained considerable media limelight over a portrait of Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. However, the issue died a natural death after the issue did not help the BJP’s cause and the saffron party lost its parliamentary seat in Kairana.


  1. Corruption has corrupted all the pillars of Indian democracy. Media is perhaps most affected. Media is on sale, you pay and buy. Human values have degraded very fast. May God bless this nation…!!

  2. Channel shows the real picture of the AMU. The. Reality cannot be fabricated. There is no right wing nor left wing. Who ever thinks about this country is right

  3. Bhai tum sab bosdiwale 2×2=4 nahi kar pate , Arnab BJP ke kutte hai , Ambani ji ka aashirwad unke sar par hai, To Ambani ji ka BJP se lene dena kyu nahi mante, phir kehte ho proof layo, abey bosdiwalon proof hota to 40% log gareebe mei nahi je rahe hote , pakoda gaand mai Dalo bosdi

  4. Toxic Republic TV now striving to destroy another institute after JNU. Arnab and Modi’s followers only like Whatsapp University of balatant Hindutva not hinduism. They failed again and sedition charges are fabrication under pressure from dhongi yogi. We will not get Ramrajya we will get Yamrajya soon.

    India needs more gobar and gaumootr, not for eating or drinking but for filling the skulls of idiots. Those who shoots Bapu’s pic are patriots and well wishers of country and those who are students and traitors according to AG types.


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