Journalist Abhisar Sharma formally quits ABP News channel


Weeks after he was forced to go off air, journalist Abhisar Sharma on Monday announced that he had formally resigned from ABP News channel.


Making the announcement on Facebook, Abhisar wrote, “Five years isnt a short time. Not a long one too. Finally resigned from ABP news. Did some fabulous stories that had a massive impact. Time to move on. Thanks everyone who was a part of this journey with me. (sic)”

Abhisar also posted a screenshot showing how he had also left the social media groups meant for the ABP staff.

As first reported by Janta Ka Reporter last month, the news channel, owned by Ananda Bazar Patrika Group, had forced two senior journalists to leave the organisation following a controversy over a news report critical of the central government.

A source close to Khandekar had said, “Aritra Sarkar, Aveek Sarkar’s son had left Milind with a very few options but to resign after the owner’s son started taking editorial decisions defying the managing editor. On one occasion, Aritra created a fuss publicly asking Milind why he had not sacked Abhisar. He wasn’t too pleased when Milind reminded his boss that there was no reason for him to fire Abhisar.”

While the channel’s managing editor, Milind Khandekar, and prime time anchor, Punya Prasun Bajpai, left the channel, another prominent face of the channel, Abhisar Sharma, was taken off-air and sent to forced leave.

Sources close to Abhisar had later confirmed to Janta Ka Reporter that the former BBC and NDTV journalist was asked not to mention word ‘Narendra Modi’ while presenting news programme. He was also directed to stick to script, written on the teleprompter.

Abhisar resigned from the ABP on 31 August even though the journalist chose to make the announce on Monday (today).

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  1. The resignation of Mr. Abhisar Sharma and Punnya Prasun Bajpai is nothing short of ” Lynching the Truth and the Freedom speech and Association. The Freedom to Religion and worship lost long back.
    While a bunch of people are availing the Freedom themselves but trying to deny it to others?
    Giving communal and provoking speeched have become a routine matter.
    Have we lost the constitution?


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