India’s right-wing ecosystem implodes Arnab Goswami is called ‘worst in Indian journalism’


The central government ‘s decision to revoke Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir and bifurcate the state into two union territories has made Arnab Goswami an incredibly happy man. The Republic TV founder has dedicated most of his prime time TV debates in the last couple of days to discuss the advantages of the government’s move. On Wednesday, Goswami flashed videos of National Security Advisor Ajit Doval enjoying a meal in Kashmir amidst complete lockdown to declare the sight as a sign of peace in the valley. This despite the fact that Doval was seen with enjoying a meal with a selected few local Kashmiris in the backdrop of complete shutdown.

Arnab Goswami
Photo: Via Republic TV broadcast

Goswami went live on his TV channel to push a pro-government narrative that peace had returned to the valley even though the videos of Doval showed empty roads with shops and businesses closed due to the existing curfew imposed by the government. Communication system continues to remain suspended with locals complaining of great difficulties in managing their daily affairs just a few days before their annual festival of Eid-al-Adha. Though the government has decided to relax their restriction from Friday so that local Kashmiris can buy animals for sacrifice.

Meanwhile, India’s right-wing ecosystem has exploded after a high-profile supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched an extraordinary attack against Arnab Goswami, accusing him of being anti-Hindu and inciting violence in Kashmir through his TV debates. Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri, a known supporter of PM Modi, took to social media to stun everyone when he lashed out at Republic TV founder by terming him dangerous to both Indian journalism and every single Indian.


Vivek Agnihotri wrote, “I have a feeling all the extraordinary efforts of @narendramodi to establish peace & harmony in #Kashmir will be countered by irresponsible News Channel owners like Arnab Goswami inciting violence. It’s not just the worst in Indian journalism but dangerous for all of us.”

He didn’t stop here. Agnihotri warned flag-bearers of right-wing politics in India to realise that Goswami was anti-Hindu. He wrote, “If RW & Modi supporters like him because he bashes opponents, then pl remember Arnab was the first one to stand against Hindus in Sabrimala. He destroyed the life of a young Delhi boy by falsely accusing him. Rohtak Sisters? And that false attack on Sushma ji? What’s bad is bad.”

Goswami launched Republic TV with the help of BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar in 2017. Since then he’s always faced criticism for not questioning the policies of the central government. In his previous role as the editor-in-chief of Times Now TV channel, Goswami had launched a sustained attack against Sushma Swaraj for her alleged links with Lalit Modi, who’s now settled in London.

Vivek Agnihotri, for his part, has shifted his loyalties in favour of the BJP after Modi became India’s prime minister in 2014. Such a stunning attack against Goswami is surprising given that both belong to the same right-wing camp and the filmmaker had flaunted his meeting with the Republic TV founder last year, when he gifted him a copy of his book, Urban Naxal.


    • Clearly seen that few lousy are still left in this country – Arnab and you top the list!! That’s called journalism or, hooliganism?? Rowdy people like you support such verbal diarrhea!!

  1. U r a bundle of nerves. U cheap idiot. U never have an opinion or something good to say about anyone. Go and beg somewhere than calling urself a reporter.

  2. You seem to be totally against Arnab. Yes, Arnab is aggressive, intimidating and very opinionated; yet, the facts and logic presented by him are irrefutable. Yes, he could be a little more discreet and less boisterous in driving home his points of view. He could avoid to be carried away by the strength of his facts, that could be diluted by his tantrums to drown others’ points of view. Viewers like me are able to enjoy his show and discern the relevant; at the same time filter out his hyper histrionics. He is unique, he is bold and a no nonsense professional; deserves admiration.

  3. Irrefutable! He doesn’t allow others to have their opinion. Journalism is to show the ground facts , not to narrate his narrative or biased narration.
    Bold enough when and whom? Due to support of funded parties.
    He was may be good while struggle later fall on the same pit.


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