Hounded by Arnab Goswami and his colleagues, Deepika Padukone’s name features on Amitabh Bachchan’s KBC; film by Isha Ambani’s friend Kiara Advani mentioned


Days after Arnab Goswami and his colleagues hounded Deepika Padukone in the drugs racket case, the name of the popular Bollywood actor once again featured on Sony TV quiz show Kaun Banega Crorepati hosted by Amitabh Bachchan. Also finding a mention was a film by Isha Ambani’s friend Kiara Advani.

Arnab Goswami

This was after Bachchan asked his contestant, “Which of these actresses is among a group of film professionals from India who were invited in June 2020 to join the Academy that organises the Oscars?” The options were Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Alia Bhatt.

Unsure if the correct answer was Deepika Padukone, the contestant decided to use his lifeline and asked Bachchan to flip the question. This prompted Bachchan to inform the contestant that the correct answer was Alia and not Deepika.

Bachchan also asked his contestant a question about Good Newwz featuring Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Kiara Advani. His question was, “What was the good news in 2019 film “Good Newwz?” The options were pregnancy, job promotion, US visa and winning a lottery. The contestant correctly answered in favour of pregnancy.

The Bollywood megastar also tested his contestant’s knowledge on the title music of Dhoom also featuring his Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and her husband Abhishek Bachchan.

Deepika featuring on the KBC assumes significance in light of Arnab Goswami’s recent meltdown against the Padmaavat star during the coverage of the drug racket case. Goswami had mocked Deepika Padukone by quoting the content of her deposition before the Narcotics Control Bureau. The Republic TV founder had claimed that Deepika told the NCB that she was procuring ‘doob’ through her WhatsApp chat group. He had said, “Doob is a filled cigarette. This is not drugs. Then this Dam Maaro Dam gang should also inform the nation that hash and weed are not drugs.”

Goswami’s colleague was seen chasing a car in Goa as the actor made her way to Mumbai to appear before the NCB. The video fo Goswami’s colleague speaking to a car had gone viral on social media platforms.

Indian TV channels had come under widespread condemnation for their decision to hound Deepika as part of their ‘journalism.’

Earlier, Bachchan had asked one of his contestants about Deepika and her husband Ranveer Singh related to their wedding.


  1. Poor content as always….these guys glorify Bollywood celebrities….these guys can do drugs and preach multiple things but if they are being questioned then all hell break loose… Arnab may be over aggressive at times but his reporting on these shallow people is to the point.

    • Unfortunately Kangna ranaut was never hounded who was known for her drug habits. Who were her handlers ? If drug is the issue how are they getting procured ? Why NCB failed to track any of them before this alleged murder or suicide of SSR. What was NCB doing for so many days if Bollywood is so habitual of drugs?
      Arnab is noise pollution and a pollitcal stooge . He is the worst journalist ever borne without any ethics. Channel must be shut down.

  2. so In this “great country” of ours, ordinary citizen taking drugs is a down right criminal but the “poor” rich and famous souls become the victims if truth is presented. wah bhai wah kya desh hai yeah.

  3. BIHAR POLICE FIR is “Bad in law”…which …CBI, ED, EOW… should also tell Bombay High Court that the BIHAR POLICE FIR filed against Rhea Chakravarty by Sushant Singh Rajput’s sisters and father KK Singh with Bihar Police for abetment to suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput and ……”Rs 15 Crore Money Laundering” allegedly was “vitiated and bad in law,”……. as Mumbai Police was already probing the matter and there was no necessity of CBI Probe in the matter as CBI CONCURS with Mumbai Police Findings …..NO POISON FOUND, NO FOUL PLAY, Sushants DEATH is due to SELF -SUICIDE by HANGING, NO Rs 15 Crore MONEY LAUNDERING also as he never earned Rs 15 Crore, he was left with only few lakhs at the time of his Self – Suicide on 14 June 2014, after his expenditures in Expensive Imported MARIJUANA Narcotics GANJA DRUGS and weekly Drug Parties at Paavna Guest House, Bi-Polar Depression Treatment from 5 PSYCHIATRIST Doctors from Mumbai and one Non – Psychiatric Doctor from Delhi, he had NO FILM OFFERS for last 2 – years 2018 -2020…….Further, CP Mumbai Police should be Congratulated for solving the case efficiently despite all odds of FAKE MURDER was being repeatedly aired, PEDDALED, HOUNDED by REPUBLIC TV ARNAB GOSWAMI, Times Now – Mrs Navika Kumari , Subramanian Swamy, You tuber – Vibhor Anand, Twitter – Mrs Sweta Singh Kirti and others for more than 3 – months.

    • You must be living in a cocoon! I wonder if you really believe what you are writing. I cannot believe that you think that the SSR rooms scene was dealt with was right in law. The death scene was not cordoned off, white washing the room, before the scene was fully investigated, where SSR was found was inexcusable. How can you claim that the CM solved the case efficiently? I wonder if living in a real world or are you being paid to write such outrageous comments. Without Arnab Goswami and Subramanian Swamy most of the outrageous things done by Mumbai police, and by PB in particular would not have come to light. But we live in a democracy and you have the right to express your views, however outrageous they may be. So do I!

  4. I dont understand why Deepika was hounded and disgraced and judged when there was no clear declaration or information from CBI. CBI cleared Deepika and all the news was on speculation. I find it harrassment. Drugs is wrong and so is harassment. She should vlbe questioned, and punished if she is guilty, no doubt about it. But trolling and public, media making sure to add their wonderful two cents of unproven facts is not right. Media has a stenght to move the public with words. With great power comes great responsibility. I m afraid media today is encouraging people to hurt others instead of making them responsible ans sensible to not get themselves in such evils.

      • There is no rule of BJP in Maharastra.Weather BJP or Congress or any other party ruled the law should look talk and be seen like a law where nobody should be above it,which unfortunately is not so in our country of Satyamev Jayete which just remains a chorus.

  5. If she is taking drug will she comes open and tell u about it. Their actions tell it all. People are not stupid…. the public is being aware of what is going on only the naive and not so educated will believe in Bollywood. Media should boycott them.

  6. Ur news is so crap criticizing other channels coz their number 1 so u report them to gain publicity, such low standards of journalism, & when republic is being targeted unfairly with 1922 laws,being ganged up by their own industry for fake accusations u don’t report that? Y’all hav showed ur true face in ssr case & v know only true journalist is arnab goswami Y’all have no credibility so go complaining somewhere else,& appreciating bollywood somewhere else not to us v BOYCOTT bollywood

  7. These celebrities feed on our unreasonable liking for them. We rarely get to know about their real personal behaviour and whatever we know about them is a planned media strategy. So we end up forming an image about them based on their roles in movies. The way they ganged up against whistleblowers and the people raising questions about their silence over such highly sensitive issues further makes them more suspicious. And the irony is that even the big names of the industry have decided to keep mum on the entire issue. May God spare us in case we are misjudging, justice needs to surface however.

  8. Bjp ka hath Arnav k upper hai.. din b din desh ki halat kharab karne me lagi hai yeh government.. har angle se… Yadi aisa hi raha to naam to hindustan rahenga lekin halat pakistan jaisi kar denge…


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