Guest walks out of Arnab Goswami’s show during LIVE debate after being accused of faking audio problem


Arnab Goswami’s show on Republic TV on Thursday faced another bout of drama as one of his guests taking part in his prime time show decided to walk out of the programme since he was being accused of faking claims. Goswami was debating the political fallout of the raging agitation launched by doctors in West Bengal against the Trinamool Congress government.

Arnab Goswami

He was joined by doctors, a Trinamool Congress representative and BJP supporters among others on his show.

One doctor participating in the debate said, “We don’t support the BJP, neither are we against it. We want peaceful resolution to the agitation. Let vandalism stop. I sympathise with junior doctors. I myself was a junior doctor 20 years ago. Their confidence is shattered.” It was at this point when Goswami shouted aloud addressing the Trinamool spokesperson Garga Chatterjee, “Hear this Garga… Hear that, hear that. Let Garga hear that.”

While Goswami made his intervention asking Chatterjee to listen to the point being raised by the doctor in the panel, Chatterjee began to point at the audio problem in his earpiece implying that he was not able to hear the audio from the studio since he had joined the debate from his house in Kolkata.

But, Goswami insisted that Chatterjee was faking the audio problem when there was none. He said, “Garga, you can hear loud and clear.” The Trinamool representative replied, “I’m not getting the sound, what the hell. Why are you doing this?”

Goswami said, “Your audio is absolutely clear. You are faking it. You have been caught red-handed because you have no response.” Chatterjee insisted that he wasn’t lying as he addressed the Republic TV cameraman present inside his house to come in front of the camera and confirm that there were indeed audio issues.

Goswami appeared in no mood to buy into Chatterjee’s claims of experiencing trouble in the audio link. He said, “You’ve been caught red-handed, otherwise how did you hear me when I uttered your name.” Chatterjee asked Goswami to seek confirmation from his cameraman. Both Goswami and Chatterjee remained engaged in an intense argument for several minutes. It appeared that while Chatterjee was able to hear Goswami, he could not get the clear audio of other guests particularly the doctor on the programme.

Goswami said, ‘Sit down and stop your drama Garga.” This prompted Chatterjee to remove his earpiece and walk out of the show. Goswami said, “He’s walked out because he cannot answer.”

Hours later, Chatterjee took to Twitter to clarify, “Tonight I was on a show in @republic. From start, I was getting very low audio when it came to audio feed from location of Kolkata doctors. I said so. Minutes later host Arnab Goswami claimed I was pretending not to hear. I chose not to continue with such theatre & left the show.”

Chatterjee’s Twitter bio says that he’s a ‘brain scientist’ adding that he was also a ‘Bengali Nationalist,’ who holds a PhD degree from the Harvard University.


  1. Aenab did right. No fake and uncivilized behaviour of any one should go scott free.

    It seems your portal takes pride in bashing Arnab every other time and look for a plea to do so every other day.

    JantaKReporter does not find any news except crticism of Mr. Goswami. I really Don’t know why your news gets fed as suggestion to my Google news feed. Will surely try to weed out useless materials like yours from my choice list going ahead.

  2. When did the great leftist intellectual giant, Garga Chatterjee become a TMC supporter? What a fall, my countrymen!

  3. You already have a modiphobia…now you have a arnabphobia…lol are you really a Janta ka reporter….are you really defending garga for what TMC has done to their state people? Janta ka reporter nahi…Mamta ka reporter…

  4. When Dr Chatterjee agreed to participate in debate we can presume what question he might have to face.So.,in this occasion there can be technical fault.

  5. No one gives a dim to Arnab’s channel. As it is clear here that, in more than 24hrs., there is only one reaction, that is too from a ‘unpadh’ pitto!

  6. The situation in bengal is such that people of government are clueless how to answer doctors impasse. Their can be audio gaffe or even arnab can be right but the real issue was about doctors plight… Who are punching bags all over India specially WB. Cops are mute spectator. Inspite of medical act, out of nearly 240 registered cases none of the attack received sections of this act. Clearly shows intention of support from government. We are expecting safe environment to work, culprits to be punished and CM to come and talk to junior doctors at their plight area. As close door meeting we all understand will bring wrath on them also they don’t have a leader among them they are just innocent student .
    Would request all to concentrate on real issue please

  7. Left wing media are dwindling, left a few, have had to forcibly add this gutter websiteto their sagging strength.
    Rifat is now, clearly on the backfoot, attacking all those critical of Islam on one hand, setting his agenda of fanatic islamisation for himself.
    Having failed to drum up his AGENDA of “muslims under attack” he is looking for anything out of his gutter reporting.
    A dog barking at Rifat will be news like “hindu dog sneers at muslim”.

  8. While it could be true thatArnab goswami has to learn how to conduct an orderly debate,if his show has to get better viewership,this guy harga chatterjee is a loud mother TMC guy who will never speak the truth and never ever give an honest opinion on the current topic on disussion but if starts talking,will never stop.A true TMC guy lacking in honor,respect for others,truth and honesty.As can be expected can blame BJP regardless of the given point of discussion.

  9. He is just a barking dog, and his audience is same. People who voted modi just becouse he burned Muslims nothing else. Majority of india doesn’t want development or jobs. For ex. If GDP is falling down dont worry murder a Muslim in mob lynching very one is happy nobody complain why GDP falling down this is the standard of indian majority.

  10. Arnaab ek Aisa virus hai jo paise k liye gaandu kuch bhi kar Sakta salaa asam se akar public Ko APA’s me bhida Raha hai madarchod studio me bulakar aise chillata hai jaise iski gaand mein Lauda daalkar faad di ho bahan chudaane Ko ye bhi Ni pata is jaise haram ki olaad ne Modi ji Ko badnaam Kiya hai ye nafrat ki Aag nikaalte Hai Randi ki olaad jaatiwad ka path padhate Modi ji ne inko kabhi bolaa k tum jaatiwad felaao nahi kutte ki alaad begunaho ka Khun bahate hai


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