Arnab Goswami in serious spot of bother after Maharashtra minister vows to reopen abetment to suicide case; actress Kavita Kaushik and Saif Ali Khan’s co-star Kubbra Sait target for antics


Arnab Goswami has found himself in a serious spot of bother after a Maharashtra minister vowed to reopen an abetment to suicide case filed against the Republic TV founder in 2018. This came days after FIR actress Kavita Kaushik, Mulk director Anubhav Sinha and Saif Ali Khan’s co-star Kubbra Sait targeted the controversial TV anchor for his recent shenanigans.

Satej (Bunty) D.Patil, who is a minister in the Maharashtra government, assured his party that justice will prevail in the 2018 case against Goswami for alleged role in the abetment to suicide case. Patil wrote, “Appropriate action will be initiated by @DGPMaharashtra & justice will prevail.”

This was after Akshata Naik, the widow of interior designer Anvay Naik, recorded a short video seeking justice for her husband’s death in 2018. She alleged that her husband and mother-in-law had to commit suicide due to the non-payment of dues from Arnab Goswami. She said in the video, “All citizens of India also all human beings all over the world, stand with me and give justice to me. And if anything happens to me and my daughter, solely Mr Arnab Goswami and also Mr Anil Paraskar and Suresh Warade will be responsible. Anil Paraskar was the superintendent of police of Raigad at the time of the two suicides while Suresh Warade was a senior police inspector in Alibaug.

Anvay Naik and her mother had committed suicides in 2018. The police had filed an FIR against Arnab Goswami, Feroz Shaikh of IcastX/Skimedia and Niteish Sarda of Smartworks, on the charge of abetment to suicide at Alibaug police station on a complaint by Akshata.  According to the complaint, the deceased had worked with the three persons he named in the suicide note. According to his wife’s complaint, the three did not clear his pending bills, leading Naik to suffer severe losses in his business.

At the time of filing the FIR against Goswami, Maharashtra had a BJP government headed by the then Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. With Maharashtra now being ruled by the Congress, the NCP and the Shiv Sena, Goswami’s detractors hope that that the abetment to suicide case will be fast-tracked.

Goswami has been in the news lately after multiple FIRs were filed against him for allegedly attempting to disturb communal harmony through his TV broadcasts. The Supreme Court had given him a three-week protection from arrest. Several celebrities including FIR actress Kavita Kaushik, Mulk director Anubhav Sinha and Saif Ali Khan’s co-star Kubbra Sait had targeted him for his theatrics both inside and outside the TV studio.


  1. Republic TV CFO has publicly released the details of transaction witu Naik family and has given details. Check that

  2. The rat should be arrested and pissed on in public for the thought that he can go Scot free, let him learn a lesson for life he is just a small fry and a nobody now,,, we support all agencies to get him arrested and jailed along with criminals

  3. Is it settling political scores through the agents for asking inconvenient questions? Truth must prevail.

  4. True journalism is that there should be a taste of decency, which, some of the so called journalists like Arnab, lacks. Ethics of journalism should prevail and hence, it is very much necessary to remind these arrogant journalists not to cross their limits in whatsoever manner.

  5. My God, an innocent soul tortured mentally into committing suicide. What is Arnab Goswamy upto? He allots contracts, gets his work done and then withholds payment. This is fraud, and then abetting someone to commit suicide is a greater evil and when the victim actually commits suicide and you utilize your political clout and influence to remain unaffected, unfazed and above law, not allowing inquiries and investigations to take place, not allowing the law to take it’s own course, holding everything, everybody to ransom, this is a worst case scenario. Arnab by his unholy acts of omission and commission has belittled Indis’s image and stature in the eyes of the world and this cannot be forgiven. Let justice be done, though heavens fall.

  6. No respect for Arnab anymore!
    I respected him when he was not biased. Now he is the biggest spokesperson for bjp. He has lost his mind. Blindly supporting bjp.
    At this crisis time ,Arnab could hv played a great role in pointing out to Modi govt it’s failures n he could hv suggested measures to mitigate pains of poor Indians. Request Arnab to talk as an ambassador of poor people of our country. Modi govt has big big spokespersons but poor hv none. Jai Hind! I love my country.

  7. 2018 case not getting reopened. Where were these police officials till now. Full system is under thesr curupt कांग्रेस politician. Worse days of indiam history.

  8. It is merely a attempt to square revengeful thought. Court will ask for evidence. Where were you from the date of succide to till today? This is clear cut case of just harassment.

  9. I don’t care if any political party is interfering in this issue to settle their political score , but this mad man should be sentence to imprisonment with harsh punishment .
    At least this poor lady will get justice and will feel justice exists. Not only the suicide along with it this man day by day is loosing his mental balance the kind of thrash he produces in the name of journalism it put us as an Indian to shame.

  10. Who is the blood stained hypocrite ? The nation needs to know. You who bad mouthed everyone , anyone now be answerable before the system of justice if you did say you stand for it.

  11. He is a coward, he chose to support bjp so that he will be in a safe zone financially, and he can control people with his cheap ego.

  12. Seems like Everyone, who keeps Nationalist views, are called bhakts, attacked, framed & FIR launched against them from inside & across the Border, sad.
    All he tried to do was to expose Pakistan, their allies in India & its evil intentions. And everybody jumped upon him….

  13. He should be in jail 30 years punishment and community service .for two lives and why his channel doing such hatred comment for one community it’s a shame for us and our media .the world known us we indian very humble .now world known us hatred .shame on u .arnab goswami.assam massacre he dint broadcast.shame on this channel.

  14. This guy is off unsound mind and he thinks being in the Media he can talk whatever his loose tongue can talk. He should be Jailed for indecency and disregard for peace and harmony. If he is let alone he will be a menace and a lunatic on the run.

  15. Those who speaks on behalf of bloody congress party,should b held for disturbing culture in india.they want india sold to ?!?!?!?! Alla pl give something ,in their topflooor.

  16. He is a Not a journalist, he is a more than BJP spokesperson, instead of asking questions on behalf of poor public. He is questioning rest of the world other than the government specially Congress party that also in very derogatory/ill-will manner

  17. What a tragedy! I couldn’t expect this condition for Arnab Sir. I am his die hard fan. Some mistake had happened . Let him be given some room to correct it. Let the loss to the lady is minimal. Our Arnab should again be playing his role as a true Indian journalist. I pray to God to save him from dirty politics.

  18. This man is a mercenary not a reporter. He is for sale to the highest bidder. Shame on you coward. You were pro Congress when they were in power and ran down Mr. Modi. Now you are licking his boots. You’re a pathetic human being. I’d kill myself rather than look at myself in the mirror every day! Shame !!


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