Anurag Kashyap lashes out at filmmaker Ashoke Pandit after he raises questions over rape threat by ‘Modi supporter’ to daughter Aaliyah Kashyap


Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap on Thursday night lashed out at Ashoke Pandit after he appeared to display flippancy to rape threats to the former’s daughter Aaliyah Kashyap allegedly by a supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Anurag Kashyap

Kashyap took to Twitter to tag Modi and write, “Dear @narendramodi sir. Congratulations on your victory and thank you for the message of inclusiveness. Sir please also tell us how do we deal with these followers of yours who celebrate your victory by threatening my daughter with messages like this for me being your dissenter.”

Reacting to Kashyap’s tweet, Pandit, a known supporter of Modi, said that the rape threat appeared to have been faked by a detractor of Modi to malign the image of the BJP, implying that the screenshot shared by Kashyap in his tweet was photoshopped. Pandit wrote, “This twitter handle seems to be photoshopped because it doesn’t exist. Seems to be created by an #UrbanNaxal to give an opportunity to somebody to abuse #Modi when the entire World is happy.”

This prompted Kashyap to lose his cool as he responded angrily, “Search for it on Instagram not on twitter you moron .. this is my daughter getting a threat asshole ..”

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The rape threat by one Chowkidar Ramsanghi has now reportedly deleted his Twitter account after a huge outrage on social media.

The alleged supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi had issued similar threats in response to one Instagram post by Aaliyah, as highlighted by this Twitter user.

Pandit later shared the screenshot of a WhatsApp message that he claimed he had received from Kashyap. He told Kashyap that he ought to have tagged the Mumbai Police to find trace the culprit. Pandit wrote, “Clearly U r under shock after today’s election results. Drunk texting me abuses, tagging the wrong person on Twitter… please pass the joint quicker. Also tagging @MumbaiPolice @CPMumbaiPolice so they can track ‘chowkidar_ramsanghi_’ and take action.”

The photo used by Ramsanghi was shared by Aaliyah on 14 April. Kashyap was one of those hundreds of film personalities, who had signed a joint petition urging voters to defeat the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections. Modi on Thursday went on to secure a second term in office with a historic landslide.


  1. Shame shame shame… this is why so many girls are beaten, raped every day, shame too that he added “Jai Shri Ram”, did he ever read about Ram, I doubt so… why don’t people teach there kids to give respect ..there mind won’t change


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