Lion Air crash victim’s fiancée takes wedding photo alone to fulfill his wish


An Indonesian woman, whose finance died in the Lion Air crash on 29 October last month has take her wedding photo alone to fulfill the victim’s last wish. The Lion Air flight JT 610 had taken off from Jakarta on 29 October and was expected to arrive at its destination at Depati Amir airport in Pangkal Pinang an hour later but it crashed into the sea.

Lion Air

One of the pilots of the plane was Bhavya Suneja, an Indian from Delhi.

The Indonesian woman, Intan Syari, was expected to get married to her finance Rio Nanda Pratama on 11 November. He had reportedly joked that if he did not turn up for the wedding on time, she should go ahead and take wedding photos.

The photographer, who clicked her photos in wedding dress wrote on Instagram quoting the victim’s words uttered to Syari, “If I don’t return by 11 November, you should still wear your wedding gown that I chose for you.” He added, “Wear beautiful make-up, ask for a white roses. Take good photos and send them to me.”

Pratama had left for Pangkal Pinang for the wedding without realising that the ill-fated flight he was boarding will crash into the sea soon after its take-off.

“Even though I feel grief that I cannot describe, I still have to smile for you.. I cannot be sad but should be strong like you always told me to be,” BBC quoted the Indonesian woman as saying.

In the photos, Syari is seen attired in white wedding gown with Hijab neatly covering her head.

The Lio Air flight was carrying 189 passengers. All of them were died in the crash.


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