“In BJP, women go to hotels as ordinary workers and return as big leaders”


Several videos of one woman BJP leader in Jammu and Kashmir accusing the saffron party leaders of demanding sexual favours for promotion within the party have now gone viral on social media platforms.


Priya Jaral, who says she is an executive member of the women’s wing of the saffron party in Jammu, says she was approached by a ‘pimp,’ who asked me to please one of the three leaders to move ahead in the party.

“We make joke on Rahul Gandhi and a machine that converts potato into gold. In our party (BJP), women go to hotels as ordinary workers and return as big leaders.” Jaral was implying that senior BJP leaders promote only those women who agree to sleep with them in hotels.

In one video, Jaral is seen disrupting the meeting held to condole the death of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. She is seen approaching a senior BJP leader remming him how he once spoke about respecting the women power.

To which, several senior BJP leaders are seen desperately trying to calm her down requesting her to not cause a fuss at a condolence meet. This prompts Jaral to shout, “Yes, even Atal ji would speak in favour of women. He fought for our rights. Now we all know how women are treated in our party today.”

In another video, Jayral says the person who approached her with an ‘offer’ to provide sexual favours to senior BJP leaders was one Balvir. When asked to name those leaders, the woman said that one of them was Jitendra Singh.

Jaral has found an instant support on social media, where the topic is gaining momentum after her videos began to be fervently shared.

AAP MLA from Chandni Chowk wrote, “Every woman of Jammu who once raised the slogans of Beti Bachao, should support this woman. Everyone knows that this woman is telling the truth. Just how low has our politicians’ character stooped is not a secret anymore.”

Lawyer Prashant Bhushan wrote, “Senior BJP leaders wanted sexual favours from women of BJP Mahila morcha to promote them in party. No wonder they were supporting Kathua rape & murder accused of child Asifa. BJP netaon se beti bachao!”

Togetehr with PDP, the BJP governed Jammu and Kashmir until recently. The allegations made by Jaral is extremely serious, but the saffron party has not reacted on them yet. This revelations could be incredibly damaging for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s poll prospects in 2019 if he chooses to ignore this.

According to reports, the woman’s membership in the party has been cancelled ever since she raised the issue of rampant alleged sexual exploitation of women in the party.



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