Shocking low in Indian sports! India’s female hockey Olympians were made to sit on floor of train


Women activists have called on the sports minister, Vijay Goel, expressed their disgust over media reports that Indian women hockey team players were made to sit on the floor of a train while returning home from the summer Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

They’ve demanded a case be registered for inhuman treatment, negligence and exploitation against railway officials.

According to ANI, Woman activist Brinda Adige said, “These ‘Babus’ (officials) have no reason at all to be there, they have not contributed in anyway, neither in advising the team nor in seeing to the teams well being, and are travelling in business class, whereas they have made the players travel unreserved, some travelled sitting on the floor of their train. How can this kind of injustice be tolerated? Why haven’t these officials been thrown out of the train?”

She added, “I am sure funds were allocated, it was the carelessness and apathy of the officials who have been indifferent to the players assuming that players are there gulams (slaves). And these people continue in this feudal fashion because they are babus and officials; they can travel in first-class and have the best luxury, whereas the real players are being treated so badly. I would also like the department to suspend them. They are not worthy of taking care of the players.”

Another activist, Nirmala Sawant, described this a shameful incident.

She said, “I think this is very shameful for us as Indian citizens, and at the same time, Olympics participants bring pride to the nation. It is quite depressing, and I think, the Railway Minister (Suresh Prabhu) should take immediate action so that this kind of injustice is not caused to any sportsperson.”

According to report, players Deep Grace Ekka, Namita Toppo, Sunita Lakra and Lilima Minz from Odisha, were made to sit on the floor of their bogey as their tickets were unconfirmed. They all represented India at Rio Olympics and are Railway employees.



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