Humiliated by Rio organisers, Vijay Goel now faces social media condemnation


In an utterly embarrassing development, the Rio Olympics organisers on Thursday threatened to cancel the accreditation of India’s sports minister, Vijay Goel, for flouting rules and rude behaviour.

The organisers were visibly miffed with Indian Sports Minister Vijay Goel’s entourage, who according to them were unaccredited and yet visiting areas only meant for accredited people.

Vijay Goel

“We have had multiple reports of your Minister for Sports trying to enter accredited areas at venues with unaccredited individuals. When the staff try to explain that this is not allowed, they report that the people with the Minister have become aggressive and rude and sometimes push past our staff,” Sarah Peterson, who is Continental Manager for Rio 2016 Organising Committee, said in a letter to Indian Chef-de-Mission Rakesh Gupta.

Goel, for his part denied flouting any rules. He said, “To my knowledge, we have been following all rules & regulations. We are committed to the spirit of Olympics & back our Indian players.”

But that wasn’t enough for the minister from being ridiculed on social media platforms.

Twitter and Facebook users also slammed the sports minister mocking his desperation to take selfies with the athletes.

Here are some examples;

Prem Desai: They shouldn’t have warned him multiple times, he should have been kicked out….

Sameer Madhok: Bjp will be thrown out completly by the people of india on or before 2019
These morons are a shame for our beloved nation

Ajit Kaur: They get away with bad behaviour in India bcoz they r the ruling party n also they follow the policy ‘might is right ‘ But abroad their nonsense won’t b tolerated. They hv formed a habit of rudeness n bulling behavior which is now difficult for them to break out of it.

Ushma Goradia: These ministers think of themselves and behave shamelessly like kings, their arrogance embarrases India anywhere they go. Glad to see them getting a slap on their wrist, PM please wake up.

Eric Coelho: They have not spared their arrogance in India and now they have gone to Brazil to show their shameless arrogance and spoiling the name of India.

Shahid Ullah: I’m so impressed n happy. Hope they cancel it soon.Shameless moron, enjoying a holiday on public money. I don’t think he ever went out of Delhi, now In RIO . DOES NOT DESERVE 2B A MINISTER.


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