Abhijeet to jantakareporter.com’s founder Rifat Jawaid on Live TV, ‘Saale, tumhare jaison ko log chauraahe pe peetenge’


BJP MP, Varun Gandhi on Monday condemned singer Abheejit’s sexual assault against a female journalist describing his act as shameful.

He tweeted, ” Irrespective of political ideology, one needs to be mindful of a woman’s dignity. This sort of crass bullying is shameful.”

Rifat ABP

Gandhi’s tweet came just before the controversial singer, known for his extremist Hindutva leaning and crass language, hurled expletives on jantakareporter.com’s editor-in-chief, Rifat Jawaid on ABP News channel.

Among other things, Abhijeet threatened Rifat of physical harm saying, “Saale, tumhare jaison ko log chauraahe pe peetenge.”

On Varun Gandhi’s tweet, the singer said that he said they were anti Hindutva.

Rifat earned plenty of plaudits from online users for showing exemplary calm and grace in the face of what was widely perceived to be as utter filth.


Abhijeet used expletives on ABP News during a live TV discussion involving him and Rifat. The singer, however,


  1. I think singer Abhijeeth is mentally disastrous, the word he used shows his how his parents brought him up . May be he is from that category

  2. Ye janta ka reporter abhijeet Ki bajana chah raha tha twitter par iski hi Baj gayi ab sati savitri ban raha he.but one should learn cunningness from Islamists hiding behind leftists.Ye ghante ka reporter ghante ke hisab se seva deta he AAP party ko or apni site pe personal commentary khelta he?Presstitutes!!!!!

  3. Tarak Fatah gave this Islamist ghante ka reporter the treatment he deserves.But their kind is shameless.They vent their hate for Hindus in a very subtle way in India.Hindus are very ignorant and easily confused by atheist leftists and Islamist while practising wahhabi Islam hide behind atheist leftists to give choicest abuses to Hindus .Better go to Pakistan there you won’t need to be subtle and you will get license to kill Hindus too and you can satisfy your thirst to purge and annihilate Hindus there.

  4. Leftists hurl choicest of abuses to Hindus and Hinduism.Mahisasur is reinvented as Dalit icon and Durga ma a pro****te as its their literary freedom and freedom of expression.They are hell bent to taste tolerance of Hindus .Luckily for them majority is ignorant and for minority which understands its easy to hurl abuses by calling them sanghi upper caste Hindus. Ok a leftist want to destroy Hindus to bring communist rule but do Islamists passing as leftists abhor religion, definitely not.These five time namazi wahabi Islamist mullah who have an urge to purge and annihilate Hindus deep within which comes to surface many times.Illiterate mullah opposing uniform civil code is understandable but these literate Islamists (like Bangladesh attackers) why they object ucc??By the way what is the view of this ghante ka reporter on UCC.

  5. Abhijeet claimed he was educated but like most Sanghis was foul mouthed through out. It was grace versus gutter. Glad that Rifat showed what it means to be civilised & educated.


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