Trump takes control of POTUS Twitter handle, but uses photo from Obama’s inauguration


Within few hours of Donald Trump becoming the 45th President of the United States, his official presidential twitter account attracted more than 14 million followers.

The new account had Trump’s image and crowds waving American flags as the background image. The photo resonated with the new US President’s ultra nationalist rhetoric.

However, the background image on the new POTUS account was that of the inauguration ceremony of Barack Obama several years ago.

Journalist Kyle Buchanan was the first to spot the gaffe!

Hours later, after the officials in Trump administration realised their mistake, they replaced the controversial image with a portrait size image of the new president himself looking through the window.

Trump Twitter

As for the new Twitter handle of Trump as US President, he was not following anyone and had only three tweets in his account (at the time of writing this report).

Till early this morning, the official twitter account of the President of the United States was handled by Barack Obama, who passed on the baton to Trump exactly at noon.

All the tweets of Obama in his capacity as the US President has now been archived under a new account @POTUS44.

At the time of archiving, Obama’s official twitter account had 13.9 million followers. This is far less than the 80.9 million followers on his personal account.

POTUS44 account is now being maintained by National Archives and Records Administration.

The brief introduction of Trump on his official twitter account says that 45th President of the United States is “working on behalf of the American people to make our country great again.”

Tweets may be archived, it says.

Trump, of late has generated lots of news and controversies from the series of tweets he writes every day, and mostly early in the morning.

His personal twitter account @realdonaldtrump has 20.7 million followers. He has written 34,300 tweets after joining this social media in March 2009.

On his personal account, he follows 42 accounts mostly those of his family members, Trump organisations, a few journalist and Republican leaders.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who joined the micro blogging site in January 2009 — less than three months before Trump has 26.5 million followers. He has tweeted 13,800 times — far less than that of Trump.

The twitter account of the Prime Minister of India has 15.6 million followers and has 13,700 tweets.


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