Once critic of Mamata Banerjee, Chandan Mitra joins her party Trinamool Congress


Chandan Mitra, editor and managing director of The Pioneer newspaper, on Saturday formally joined Trinamool Congress at a rally organised to commemorate its Martyrs Day.

Mitra had last week quit the BJP, which he represented as its Rajya Sabha MP, for two terms in the past. Trinamool Congress secretary general Partha Chatterjee announced Mitra’s switch to the Trinamool from the dais of the hugely attended rally in central Kolkata.

Mitra represented the BJP in the Upper House of the Indian parliament for two terms first in 2003 followed by in 2010 from Madhya Pradesh. He also tried his luck in the electoral politics and contested on the BJP ticket from Hooghly constituency in West Bengal, but lost the elections in 2014.

He was unhappy on being sidelines by the duo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his lieutenant Amit Shah.

Mitra, a long-term BJP ideologue, has been scathing in his criticism of both Trinamool and its supremo Mamata Banerjee in the past. In one of his editorials on 17 April last year, this what Mitra’s paper wrote about Banerjee after several of her party leaders were caught on tape in a sting operation, conducted by Narada website;

(Mamata) Banerjee has been crying foul over ‘vedanta politics’. Earlier too, attempts were made to brush the incident tapes under the carpet, which showed bribes being accepted by some senior TMC leaders. The party then, as now, put the blame to a political conspiracy by the BJP Government to defame her Government and party. But where does politics exist at all?

However, as is the case with the Indian politics, ideologies mean very little and politics of opportunism rules the roost.

Samar Mukherjee, Abu Taher, Sabina Yasmin and Akhruzzman – also joined the Trinamool today at its rally to mark Martyrs’ Day – to commemorate the 1993 Kolkata firing – outside Victoria House in the heart of Kolkata, reported NDTV.




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