Shocking! Four women gangraped on Jewar-Bulandshahr highway, family member shot dead


In a shocking reminder of 2016 Bulandshahr gangrape incident, four women of the same family were gangraped on Thursday morning on Jewar-Bulnadshahr highway.

women gangraped jewar bulandshahr

The family from Greater Noida was on their way to attend to an ailing member in Bulandshahr, when their car was intercepted by armed criminals at around 1.30 AM. The criminals gangraped the four women of the same family and shot dead a male relative when he objected to women being harassed by the goons.

According to reports, the criminals had sprayed the road with nails forcing the car driver to stop his vehicle. No sooner had the family stopped their car, the criminals attacked them.

The Jewar MLA Thakur Dhirendra Singh has reportedly visited the victims, who have now been to a local hospital in Noida.

Last year in July, two women, mother and her minor daughter, were gangraped on Bulandshahr highway triggering a nationwide outrage against the then Akhilesh Yadav government.

The Allahabad High Court had taken suo motu cognisance of the mater and ordered a CBI inquiry into the Bulandshahr gangrape case observing that it was “not satisfied” with the police investigation so far.

The court had also said that intended to “monitor the investigation into the case”.

It remains to be seen if the court will a similar intervention this time too.

Uttar Pradesh had gone for assembly polls in February and March this year with voters giving an overwhelming majority to the BJP. Yogi Adityanath was later elected as the state’s chief minister.

The law and order in the state has deteriorated considerably since he became the chief minister.



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