Woman hotel employee alleges molestation, fired from job after CCTV footage goes viral


A woman employee in Delhi has alleged molestation by her manager at a hotel near the city’s airport. She later said that the hotel had fired her after the CCTV footage of her alleged sexual harassment went viral.

woman hotel employee molestation

The woman said that on 29 July, which was her birthday, when she turned up at work, her boss, a security manager, called her in his cabin and showed his credit card asking her to decide her birthday gift.

It was at that time, the woman alleged, when her boss tried to pull her sari while asking her to sleep with him in the hotel’s room. The CCTV footage, which she claims to have retrieved with the help of a colleague, shows the girl in conversation with a man, sitting on his chair. The man, understandably the accused, then makes an attempt to reach out to the 31-year-old woman’s sari.

A scuffle starts forcing the man to withdraw. In the 1.19 minutes long video, the woman is then is seen having a conversation with the accused. She even bursts into laughter couple of times.

The man standing in the video is the woman’s immediate boss, a team leader, who was later allegedly asked by the accused to leave the room.

The woman later said that the hotel had fired her when she reported to work on 17 August. Police have now arrested the accused based on the FIR complaint registered by the woman.


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