Why did PM Modi feel ashamed in UAE?


At an investors’ meet in UAE, PM Modi on Monday said that he had been ‘thinking and feeling ashamed that it took 34 years for an Indian PM’ to visit UAE.

Few JKR users contacted us asking if not visiting the UAE was a good reason for an Indian PM to be ashamed of.

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They cited few examples such as the BJP MP Giriraj Singh’s controversial ‘Go to Pakistan’ comment, Sandhvi Niranjan Jyoti’s Haramzada comment during Delhi assembly election, Sakshi Maharaj’s ‘Hindu woman should produce four children’ remarks, PM Modi’s ‘silence on Gujarat riots’ and most importantly the recent fiasco at Jantar Mantar involving protesting army veterans.

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One member of the audience said, “It doesn’t affect anybody’s life if PM doesn’t visit a country, but it does matter when our Prime Minister remains silent on issues affecting the lives of over a billion population.”

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We’ve compiled those suggested incidents here.




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