(WATCH) Delhi minister plays ‘snoopgate’ audio recording in assembly


In a sensational development, Delhi minister Kapil Mishra on Friday played in Delhi assembly the audio recording of the infamous ‘snoopgate’ involving BJP president Amit Shah.

While launching attack against the BJP leaders, Mishra also alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had an with a Bangalore girl, who was later ‘snopped’ by Shah.

He played the excerpts of the audio conversation from his mobile phone. The conversation was in Gujarati and Mishra said that it was between Shah and a police officer called Singhal.

Reading from affidavit filed by IAS officer Pradeep Sharma in the Supreme Court, Mishra alleged that Modi, then Gujarat’s CM, would often leave the official meetings to allegedly talk to the said girl on the phone.

You can watch Mishra’s full speech made in Delhi assembly below



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