Vishwajit Rane, who quit Congress in Goa, says Digvijay Singh retire from politics


Mounting attack on AICC general secretary Digvijaya Singh, who is under fire for the “blunder” which blew the Congress’ chances to form government in Goa, former party legislator Vishwajit Rane today said it’s time the veteran politician called it quits.

“Digvijaya should now take retirement from politics. The kind of blunder he along with other Congress leaders did, cost the party its government (in Goa) despite having a majority,” Rane told PTI, a day after he quit the party.

digvijay singh retire

“I don’t know whether Digvijaya really wanted to form the Congress government in Goa. Looking at his actions, it did not seem like (he did),” he said.

The 45-year-old Rane had defied the party whip during the crucial floor test in the Goa Assembly yesterday, jolting the Congress, which came one down from the 17 votes it had against the government, when he absented himself.

Rane, son of former Chief Minister Pratapsinh Rane, alleged that the Congress Legislature Party (CLP) meeting which was held in the party office after winning 17 seats in the Goa assembly polls was a mere “joke”.

“The meetings continued for long and nothing was being decided. Entire day, media was outside the hotel and meetings continued. On the other hand, BJP held a video-conferencing with their leaders in Delhi and within no time, they cobbled up an alliance,” he said.

When BJP and alliance partners gave the letter of support to Governor Mridula Sinha, the Congress woke up from its slumber and got into action, Rane added.

According to Rane, the Goa Forward Party had showed their intention to forge an alliance with Congress and form the government, if Digambar Kamat was elected as the CLP leader.

“But the party took time to discuss on the proposal of GFP and lost out on the opportunity to form the government,” he claimed.

The three-time MLA also said he would be re-contesting from Valpoi constituency and reiterated that he was “open to all options” and even fighting on a BJP ticket.

“Once I am elected, I will tender my support to the Manohar Parrikar-led government. We can’t sit in Opposition and let the constituency suffer. People have high expectations during the next five years,” he said.

Rane also rubbished the rumours that his father would be quitting the Congress.

“My father is not going anywhere. He is a loyal Congressman and he will be with them,” he stressed.

The Manohar Parrikar government yesterday proved its majority on the floor of Goa Assembly by winning the trust vote with the support of 22 legislators in the 40-member House.

Singh, for his part, on Friday had blamed his own party leaders for sabotage, which resulted in Congress not being able to form the government despite having more numbers than the BJP.



  1. Even within striking distance, congress could not try to get the numbers. The allegations by Mr. Rane are not without any substance and the party weakness has been exposed by the member

  2. AAP was supposed to give Rs.5,000/-for unemployed youth till he/she gets job.
    AAP was supposed to give Rs.3,000/-for Housewives.
    AAP was supposed to give Rs.3,000/-for Senior Citizens.
    AAP was supposed to give Rs.2,00,000/-for each daughter of Goa.
    AAP was supposed to give Free Water & Half Electricity Bills to Goans.
    And above all AAP was supposed to give Corruption Free Governance.
    But as Goans are very Smart, they rejected this offer of AAP and voted Congress & BJP.
    Now Goans are very happy that Congress & BJP are ruling them.
    Viva Goa – Viva Congress & BJP. Congress-17 & BJP-13 = 30.
    Goans does not need honest AAP.


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