Virender Sehwag mocks Kargil martyr’s daughter for opposing ABVP, Randeep Hooda ‘claps’


On Monday, Janta Ka Reporter reported how Gurmehar Kaur, the young daughter of Kargil martyr, Capt Mandeep Singh, received several threats of rape from BJP supporters for her decision to oppose the RSS’s student body, ABVP.

India’s right-wing Hindutva brigade also received support from former India cricketer, Virender Sehwag, in hounding the daughter of Capt Mandeep Singh, who died fighting for India in the Kargil war.

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In a dig at Gurmehar’s old Facebook video message saying ‘Pakistan did not kill my father, war did,’ Sehwwag posted his own photo with a placard that said, “I didn’t score two triple centuries, my bat did.”

Sehwag was widely condemned on social media for his ‘cheap’ shot at a vulnerable young girl just because she dared to stand against the violence of the RSS’s student wing ABVP.

His insulting post, however, became very popular among those who preached hatred against anyone being seen even remotely critical of the BJP or its ideological mentor, the RSS.

Among those applauding Sehwag for his tweet was Bollywood actor, Randeep Hooda, who shared the former India cricketer’s post with the ‘clap’ and loud laughter emoticons.

Hooda and Sehwag may have detected plenty of humour in a young martyr’s daughter’s public hounding, but social media users vehemently disagreed.

Journalist Akash Banerjee, who took Hooda head on on his despicable post, asked the actor if his support for the ABVP was due to his mother’s association with the BJP.

He wrote, “Love the wordplay @RandeepHooda?
Girl stands up against ABVP-she is a political tool being used.
While ur mom being from BJP-is coincidence? (sic)”

Although Hooda did not deny his mother’s association with the BJP, he asked why Asha Hooda was being dragged in the latest controversy.

And the condemnation for Hooda did not stop here. Twitter users have continued to slam him for both his misogyny and bigotry.

Here are some examples:


  1. Sir….pls understand the irony behind his comments….as rightly commented by the actor following his post. Sehwag wanted to play safe in the hands of so called self styled nationalist who wud praise him without understanding the irony behind those words. I know it was a double edge sword word, he used those words ironically but only intellectuals cud understand the right meaning behind it. Pls stop adding fuel to it n wud appreciate the patriotism behind u rather than being like other blind self styled nationlists.

    Summary is that there can’t be means (war) without thoughts (creating difference between govt.), so without his thoughts his bat itself cud’t hv score centuries and that’s the irony. Its the thoughts that makes the means and not the other way around, if everyone can understand that what Sehwag really meant behind those ironic words he has used.

    Jai Hind


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